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Question:- Explain the importance of motivation for personal effectiveness in organisations. Analyse your own motivation and how it affects your personal performance.

Understanding the Importance of Motivation for Personal Effectiveness 

Importance of Motivation for Personal Effectiveness

By receiving adequate education and training, motivated workers get the chance and urge to carry out tasks and improve their efficiency. For instance, a qualified worker with much professionalism working internationally is given a job because they have new knowledge to share, spread and enhance the capacity of their success and that of their colleagues from their past experiences. Motivated workers aim to improve employees' indifferent or negative attitudes by engaging in supporting discussions without resorting to discouraging and moaning remarks, talking to a disrespectful employee, and discussing the unwillingness of an employee to work in a team situation (McIntosh, Luecke& Davis, 2008). Motivated workers should also address negative attitudes privately, understand HR policies and procedures and include HR, make them listen to and help their issues. The most reliable and important assets of the organization are known to be highly motivated workers. They are more loyal, punctual, and regular and remain on-job in the organization for a longer period in their work schedule. Lack of recognition and poor relations with colleagues and supervisors could increase absenteeism in the case of poor working conditions, as these conditions demotivate workers to work harder.

My Motivation and its impact

One way to motivate me is to ask my colleagues or leaders for suggestions. There's always spaceto improve and develop in every professional position, and there's no one better than the people I work with every day to help me prioritize specific areas of development. If I feel uninspired and trapped, taking the attention off myself and starting to celebrate those around me is a perfect way to get myself out of my rut. This kind of proactive thinking contributes to better relationships and even enhanced happiness and profits. Research indicates that workers with more positive experiences with their colleagues are more efficient and active in their jobs.

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