Describe the e-business environment and types of e-business transactions?

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The scope of e-business

The scope of the e-business is transforming day after day with the needs of the market. The growth of e-commerce is only due to the convenience of the customers of instantly purchasing what they want through one click rather than investing the time in going to the stores. As the increase in the internet users and rise of 3G/4G mobile internet users and simultaneously rise in the Smartphone's users which enable the e-commerce scope across the globe and is the reason to transforming the traditional business into e-business because of the increase in demand of the consumers.

Types of e-business transactions

  • Business-to-Business (B2B)

As the business is of producing and selling customizable wristbands for events and charities, then in this case the transaction is happening between two organizations like between our organization to the event organization and charity organization. This business will come in the business-to-business e-commerce type.

  • Business-to-Consumer (B2C)

As the company is also directly selling the products to their customers. In this case,the end consumer is directly buying from the seller which is the business-to-consumer e-commerce.

What are the benefits and barriers to businesses of having an online presence?

Benefits of ebusiness

  • Large Audiences
  • Easy Accessibility
  • Free advertising
  • Brand Building

Barriers to businesses of having an online presence!

  • Security of e-commerce barriers
  • Infrastructure barriers
  • Government e-commerce regulations barriers.

Assess the security and legal issues for a business operating online    

Security and legal issues:

  • Security threats of viruses
  • Physical theft of data
  • Active malicious threats
  • Software bugs security threat
  • Laws of the electronic signatures.

Different modes of E-communication:

  • EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

All the electronic means documents are transferred between the businesses such as purchase orders, shipping notifications, and invoices.

  • VOIP - Voice over internet protocol

It is the communication in which phone calls are done by using the internet in which audio gets converted into digital signals which enable the business to contact the suppliers from any location.

  • Instant Messaging

This communication method is used to communicate immediately and instantly with customers which helps in solving issues, complaints, queries faced by them.

  • Social Media Network

It is the best way to connect with a large no. of people in which helps in creating brand awareness among the people and also notify the people about the coming range of the products.

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