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Illustrate and describe the different e-business models that could be used to generate revenue for a business, Evaluate each model's capacity for revenue generation, Conclude this section with an assessment of the potential impact of e-commerce on organisations in future ?                                                                                                      

E-business models

The different e-business models that could be used to generate revenue for a business

  • In-App Purchases:

By providing additional purchases when using the product. 

  • Collecting and Selling Data:

We all know that apps collect a lot of datas from the users , in terms of user behavior or other app usages. The user behavioral data are so muche desired by many researchers in different fields. 

  • Transactional Based Model:

The mobile app has an option for third parties Payment gateway for the purchases and those purchases can be carried out online, then one can charge transaction fees because digital transactions occur on the regular basis.

Each model's capacity for revenue generation

In a transactional-based model, a business can earn money by directly selling the product to the customer. As the customer can be any business in the form of B2B or customer in the form of B2C. In this the pricing tactics and plans can be licensing/one-time purchase, subscription payment, pay peruse. As in our business, there are no subscription-based products, as it's only selling the wristbands which are customizable so this transactional-based revenue model didn't fit.

The advertisement based revenue model fits well for the business as the company has already its known client which is from events and charity and individuals which attracts a huge amount of traffic and revenue gets generated y selling ad space which is the most used method of gaining revenue which helps the business to earn the money.

The potential impact of e-commerce on organizations in future

As E-business is the new concept of transforming the traditional business into the online platform business which is incorporated with the internet facilities, websites, or dot comp companies. Because of the new concept in which all old concepts and management gets incorporated that e-business impact will be on many areas of the organization. As the revenue model is the way of reaching out to the customers to make money and revenue through the internet. As already discussed previously that by achieving a huge amount of traffic maximizes the sales, so collaborate with the high traffic sites. Marketing on social media will also lead to creating brand awareness among the people. Efficient data management provides better accessibility of data and information which leads to the business to operate smoothly in the future.

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