Explain the internet technologies and their importance in the success of e-business?

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Explain the internet technologies and their importance in the success of e-business?

Internet technologies

The internet technologies and their importance in the success of e-business

There are internet technologies that make the use of the internet for successfully e-business is:

1.      Developing Websites

With the use of internet technologies, websites for e-business can be developed and can be used further for the business of selling the products. With the use of the internet, people would be able to see the range of the products on the websites and the people also engage with it. So developing user-friendly websites which havean attractive user interface that makes the user come and see the products.

2.      E-communication

Through technology, it helps in building communication among users and businesses through different modes of communication such as email, instant messaging, VOIP which connected people with each other.

3.      Secure payment gateways

Secure payment is the main factor in which e-business gets the success is the trust among the people about the secure payment gateways. Users get benefittedfrom this technology and the business also get the benefit of this technology with no standing in the queues, not spending time, offers secure transaction which can be made from any location and the business don't have to worry about the payments and credits.

4.      Social media networking

It provides a platform where businesses can do advertisements of their products and make large no. of customers. Customers can also go directly to the website from social media by just clicking on the link because of the use of the internet which drives the e-commerce businesses.

All these technologies are driving the e-business's popularity which added efficiency in advertising and marketing and reduce the time spending of spending hours and hours in traditional online shopping. These technologies have also enabled secure payment systems and options of exchange also.

Explain the main features of HTML?

The main features of HTML are:

  • HTML is the hyper-text mark-up languagethat is used to create web pages and web applications.
  • It is a mark-up language that provides a flexible way to design web pages.
  • It enables the programmer to use graphics, videos and enable to make it attractive websites.
  • It holds the content which is used in the website
  • It provides a clear organized structure for the content

The functions of client servers and browsers and the role of search engines


  • The main function of the client servers is that the client software requests from the server what the client needs immediately and the server immediately fulfill the needs of the client(McDunnigan, 2021).
  • It creates a security layer by which the clients only request from the server and the server can only fulfill requests that a client has asked for. Both the client and server have their own layer of authority which is created by the system.
  • The client-server model allows the business to create software that can be accessible to a wide range of hardware


  • The main functions of the browser are that it processes the inputs of the user
  • It helps in accessing a large number of information's and data
  • It also provides security functions as data protection tools that secure the data and resources.
  • It helps in identifying the resources through URL and displays them to the client.

Role of Search Engines:

  • The role of the search engine is that it enables the searching for the required information in which users gives input in the search engine of which they wanted the information and through the search engine the request of the client goes to the server and then server fulfills the requirements of the clients by displaying it to the client.
  • It also enables the business to be at the top position in searching by increasing the large no. of people's interests towards the products and websites which results in maximizing the sales.

 The use of intranets and extranets in communication

  • The intranets are the form of the network operated within the company. There is the frequent transfer of information has been done within the departments. It maintains privacy and helps in preventing the leaking out of any information from the organization.
  • An extranet is also a similarform of network with a large domain in which the information is shared between business entities, customers, suppliers. Using this technology the business would be able to communicate with all the external stakeholders and ensure the function of business is done smoothly

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