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I was wondering if you support candidates with their academic IELTS. Writing which include 7 all other 6.5 , What do you need exactly for this? How does it work? This is IELTS no assignment. I want to know if anyone can sit for the exam on behalf of me. IELTS computer or PTE computer is also acceptable. How will you sit for the exam under my name? PTE academic can be done from home too but how is the process? Your post is not very clear to me. Which exam? Pte just before the exam they verify your face and an invigilator is watching you while doing the exam so how is it possible to do this? Your fees is acceptable but I'm not confident how the process is ? That not how PTE work you have to write when the recording is playing?

  • Aaron Wears Many Hats Ronald, 6/23/2022

    yes, we help students in PTE work and academic IELTS writing, you can write us your exact requirement to review?

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