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Question: Drawing on your own experiences, analyses the causes of problems, disagreements, and conflicts in organisation. Explain the methods that can be used to manage these problems, disagreements, and conflicts, Analyse the skills required of those who resolve conflicts, Analyse the problem-solving skills needed by managers.

Understanding How to Manage Problems, Disagreements and Conflicts

Causes of Conflicts in An Organization

If requirements, standards, policies, and procedures do not make sense and unenforceable, there might be unhealthy disputes amongst managers and subordinates.  Top officials should then provide sensible policies, procedures, and rules and correct those that do not help workers achieve organizational goals. Communication is a complex process. Communication barriers often bring out conflict. When communication is barred, it simply not to understand other people or groups. Such actions normally inflict a negative effect on the success of employees. Conflicts can also arise from other sources. For example, a superior's autocratic style of leadership can cause conflict. The different educational backgrounds of employees may also lead to conflict.

Ways of Solving Conflicts in an Organization

As an employer, before you step in to help, you should look out for tension between your workers and allow them to settle it among themselves first. If the disagreement, such as between whole divisions or teams, is on a larger scale, you can aim to strengthen cooperation between the two parties. Another way is starting with seeking common ground. There will certainly be times when the two sides to the dispute will see eye to eye on a problem or an appeal to each other's perspective (McIntosh, Luecke& Davis, 2008). The two parties should agree on the end of the dispute is on the means. You help them focus on building a friendship rather than undermining it by encouraging the opposing parties to search for common ground. Employers should provide regular dispute resolution training for workers. Such preparation also begins with self-assessments so that workers can comprehend their methods of conflict management and the pros and cons of using a specific style.

Skills Required in Conflict Resolution

Team Work

In a team, the personalities and differences of individuals may as well result in conflict. On the other hand, as individuals realize the actions that result in better teamwork, the rate of conflict in an organization can easily be minimized.

Stress Management

Stress may also ignite the flames of an organization's conflict, plus the actual conflict results in a stressful atmosphere for employees at other times. Whatever appears first, workers require the requisite resources to control their feelings and the opportunity to cope with the stressful nature of conflict in the workplace.

Emotional Agility

Workplace conflict can raise strong emotions, more so if the conflict makes a worker appear threatened with their job. Emotional agility is also a vital skill in conflict resolution as it helps one understand all parties' feelings, including their own, involved in a conflict.

Skills Required by Managers in Conflict Resolution

The managers need to be understanding. They ought to understand what specifically resulted in the conflict for them to solve the problem. A manager should get to the bottom of the matter and pick up the conflict's real source and how that cause created actions that stalled the organization's task and culture. Open-mindedness. Being open-minded provides you with good leverage to consider a wider variety of issues.

Another major skill required is having the right attitude. It takes a plan and the right mindset to approach the issues. If you do not have the proper perception and understanding of what has given rise to the situation, you will not handle it (McIntosh, Luecke& Davis, 2008). The last skill is Analytical skills. Good problem-solving skills require exceptional analytical abilities. And you need to be more patient and observant about all that is going on in the company to develop your analytical skills.      

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