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In this paper, we would be briefly discussing the gaining the support and input of staff and cultivating a culture of sustainability that could help out the sustainability into the organization's business process. In this paper, we would be briefly discussing the workforce planning, even would discuss the organizational performance and even includes the workplace culture which would be briefly discussing the focus with respect to the improvement in the sustainability with respect to the business processes. This would also help to clearly identify the expected results along with the given category we would have chosen. 


As today's organization is evolving and always reaching the dynamically. It is important to have an organizational culture which can allow making integration through the process of the business process. As the organization needs to work globally in all the parameters, it has been observed that the organization needs to instill a thick multi-culture which can allow smoothening the process (Blowfield, 2014). There has also been a significant contribution to the culture in which the organization always works. It has to see sustainable workplace planning, organizational performance and also develop a workplace culture. This would help to improve the business process and develop sustainability.


It has been seen by integrating thick culture, it allows the organization to develop a methodology along with maintaining the balance of the deliverables and performance. Often the culture is the main essence which affects the workplace planning, organizational performance, and the sustainable workplace culture.

With the culture, it certainly affects the workplace planning. For example, if it exists in Japan, the company model would be projected as dynamic, progressive and hard working. If it the company exists in the United States, there would be a tendency to focus on the work-life balance.

The organizational performance is dependent on the worker's performance The more they are able to contribute, the better result they are able to deliver.

The sustainable workplace culture is only possible if the organization in the employees work collaboratively in this model.



It is important to have a healthy sustainable organization culture along with a fine balance on the employee's contribution towards the culture and adjustment. The organization performance depends on the worker's ability to contribute.

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