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 Costco organization deals with wholesale of products to its clients. The staff have been known to give good services to the customer. It came to my concern that that hard work should appropriately recognized. I made a request to the firm’s supervisor and some measures were put in place to the same effect


I wrote a request addressed to the supervisor over the way I was served well and in particular the staff member who served me when I had paid a visit to the premises. The requests did not fall on deaf ears as the supervisor put in place measures to make sure the efforts of the staff do not go unnoticed.

Monthly reward ceremonies were put in place. In this meeting the employees with an outstanding performance will be awarded. Tokens will be used as a gesture to say ‘thank you’ for serving the Costco Wholesalers well. This is a move to make the staff are being appreciated in the organization (Phillips and all, 2017, p.729).

Once a staff member is complimented by an external party for example customers of the firm, he or she will be let to know. In this case we informed Laura that a customer was very happy and satisfied by the service she rendered. This will show that staff member that her good service has been noted and this in turn will boost her morale. (Ruiz, Hamlin & Gresch,2017, p.59)

Promotion in the organization will be done on the basis of merit. It has come to the supervisors’ attention that the former promotion mode by the basis of experience is not an accurate mode of gauging competence. It was decided that one will be promoted on the basis of the current performance. The move will help recognize the employees exhibiting outstanding performance by giving them higher ranks and higher responsibilities in the future (Holston & Kleiner ,2015 p.03)

There will be public complementation of the good-performing staff.  The staff members who perform well will be recognized in the organization meetings and so that the other staff can follow their good example. It will make them feel that the firm is well satisfied with their service to the wholesale customers. Posing them as good examples will also make the supervisor promote a culture of good performance in the organization.

There supervisors started to chat with the staff regularly. This will help them to grow upclose and personal information and they will be free to communicate with the supervisors. Problems facing the staff will be solved in time (Cohen,2017, P. 85). The staff can also come up with new ideas arising from their first hand contact with the employees.

 All the above measures were put in place to recognize the presence and participation of the workers in the organization. I can say with ultimate conviction that it will move miles in staff recognition. It will motivate them to render even better service in the future to the benefit of the customers of the firm.

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