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Today, with the advent of new technologies, it is found that the organizations are planning to deploy new technological modules in a given working environment. However, they need to first analyze their current working gaps, determine the needs of the new technological solution, and accordingly implement them in a given working environment (Boeuf & Sénécal, 2013). 

It is further observed that in the case of retail stores such as Sears, the need for such technologies will be more since they need to address multiple functions and key processes in a given operational environment. Hence, they can either deploy Efficient Customer Response (ECR) to address the requirements of the customers or can deploy Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to streamline the different processes or can even deploy another E-commerce based online solution that will assist the company to increase their net sales in the organization (Boeuf & Sénécal, 2013). 

In a given challenging work environment, it is recommended to such companies to deploy either RFID technologies or even E-commerce based technological solution that will allow them to increase their net sales in the organization. Today, amid the market competition and changing needs of the customers, it is necessary for the organizations to deploy ways through which they will be able to improve the overall shopping experience of the customers in a given environment (Boeuf & Sénécal, 2013). 

Hence, considering these situations, it is recommended to use these technologies that will allow them - reduce the operational costs, improve visibility of the brand and the value delivered, improved reporting and planning, ensure customization to the customers, improve working efficiency of all the departments, ensure data security, and also improve collaboration among all the teams (Schwartz, 2013). 

The top-level management will also be able to monitor the new processes and can accordingly suggest new recommendations to improvise the future outcomes. It will subsequently help the organization to achieve the desired objectives in a given environment.

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