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The issue of the shortage of nurse educators

Evidence-Based Project

The evidence-based project research would be conducted around the shortages of the registered nurses (RNs) and even includes licensed practical/vocational nurses (LPNs). The problem and the challenge are overcome the nursing shortages issues. Research conducted shows the nursing shortages are greater and high risky problem. It needs to be resolved with the help of the collaborative approach.

The scarce nurses also highlight the decentralized approach of the management.  The nursing profession is also determined as the highest demanding profession which includes the RNs and LPNs.

It is important to note that the nursing shortage is also part of the unprecedented impacts as per the healthcare delivery.  The shortages of the nurses have impacted the hospitals, healthcare facilities, care towards patients and also revenues for the hospitals or the care units. Strategically also it is impossible to turn away the patients on account of shortage of nurses and not been able to meet the growing demand (Billings, 2015).

Evidence has suggested that the shortages of nurses have an impact on the patients. They are the main sufferers and they are turned away due to the shortages. It is important that the patents need to be addressed during the crises time that would make the nursing situation go extreme situation. It is also that overworking and over scheduling. Shortage of nurses is even stressing out the peer nurses and making them prone to making mistakes.

With respect to the hospitals and the healthcare facilities, it is even affecting the care of the patients and leading to a cascading effect on the generation of the money. This would further make them difficult to stay in business. It is important that turning away patients is a loss in business. They need to step in and control the understaffing issues that would lead to ineffective results.

It is important to also determine the high demand related to a high cost. It would consequently lead to a lack of management along with the high rate of errors. It would also lead to an overburdened and challenged that would allow to tasks which be entitled to pay more.


Identify the criteria you would use to evaluate the appropriateness of the research. Why is it important to select research that meets these criteria?

The method of the research should be quantifiable. It should be the process that needs to be evaluated per the grounded theory method. In this, the data were collected through the mode of the semi-structured interviews and even consider the constant comparative method that requires a Corbin and Strauss which uses a data analysis (Rosseter, 2014). The research conducted highlights how the participants which need to be categorized with the "social image of nursing” along with the "culture and structure ". These were the factors which even influence and determine how the nurses are leaving that require a care provider. This is also built as a lack of progress or improvement which includes primary psychosocial concerns with respect to the participants.  

Through the quantifiable and qualitative research, it would add to the research ideas. Consecutively it would allow tackling the research method and study. There has been an alarming figure which shows a declining staff that has not attained the nursing degree and gain a professional expertise. It is also related to the statistics which shows how the quantifiable shortages have impacted the nurses. This is one of the evidence which shows how the shortages have resulted in the demand. The demand and the supply mismatch are explained as shortages that have impacted nurses and the nursing profession.  It has a cascading effects on the related environment in which they exist in.  The quantifiable research would be able to prove the given results.

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