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"Good leaders are not necessarily good managers, and good managers are not necessarily good leaders"

Leadership is defined as the process that involves the social influence and mainly focuses on the achievement of goals (Kinickiet al., 2016, p. 324). It is an interaction between the followers and the leader that involves social influence. Also, it is not a moral concept (Kinickiet al., 2016, p. 325). Leaders must have well defined personality, physical traits with some prescribed behaviors, which enable them to influence the people to do the right thing. Leaders work for the welfare and the prosperity of the whole organization (Kinickiet al., 2016, p. 332).

Good leaders cultivate a strong sense of their strong point and flaws and shape on their optimisticcharacteristics. It is significant for both the followers and the leaders to emphasize on the development of a conjointly rewarding and valuableassociation(Kinickiet al., 2016, p. 325).

It is said that good leaders are definitely not excellent managers and good managers are certainly not efficacious leaders. Managers are more inclined towards the functions that are associated with organization, control, investigation and planning whereas the leaders are associated with the interpersonal features of the job of manager simultaneously by inspiring others and providing emotive support (Kinickiet al., 2016, p. 327).

As far as the qualities and potentials of a good leader are concerned, a good leader must be motivating, inspiring, articulating a vision and managing people. He must have a good vision, aim and a charisma that would enable him to influence the followers by exercising the powers (Kinickiet al., 2016, p. 327). Considering the above mentioned qualities, I consider Prime Minister Justin Trudeau an example of a good leader. The qualities that distinguish him from being a manager are that he believes that he can be wrong; he believes on bringing the people together and makes them work for a common cause.Listening to others, especially those with distinct backgrounds and distinct experiences is critical. A leader's task is to discover the common good, not to protect his tribe. Justin Trudeau believes on the leadership that binds the people with each other and brings multiplicity to a unanimous cause.
Trudeau has made diversity and inclusiveness his mission. Leadership should focus on extending the opportunity ladder for all. A virtuous circle creates a positive leadership. People can respond to a social vision that is positive and inclusive. The outcome is creativity enriching both Canada and the world.

The theory that best explains that leadership ability and style of Trudeau is "Empowering", in employee-centered approach; Trudeau is always able to implement those conditions which are always empowering the employees/ Canadian people (Kinickiet al., 2016, p. 327).By promising $650 million for reproductive health and freedoms around the globe, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau marked International Women's Day. The money that will be capitalized over a three-year time period, will upkeep schemes that deliver sex education, reinforce procreative health facilities, and support domestic planning and contraceptives. It will also back the schemes to avoid and retort to fierceness based on gender, counting forced matrimony, and supporting the right of women to be harmless (Justin Trudeau marks International Women's Day with $650M for reproductive rights - Women Deliver, 2019). Hence, he proved to be a flag carrier of reformist world view.

Charisma is an essential element of good leadership (Kinickiet al., 2016, p. 327). Justin Trudeau is able to influence people with his charisma and personal attraction, which make him exercise "referent" among the five bases of power (Kinickiet al., 2016, p. 281). Charismatic leaders are able to construct on their followers ' requirements, values, and hopes. They conceive visions and objectives and articulate them. Charismatic leaders, for the sake of community rather than private, use their authority.


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