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Today, with advent of new technologies and with introduction of social media marketing, majority of the organizations are implementing such marketing solutions in a given environment. However, before developing such strategies for the organization, it is necessary for these companies to carry out internal and external analysis so that they can develop appropriate marketing strategies for their target audience (Pridmore&Hämäläinen, 2017). 

It is further found that the role of the marketing department will be vital as they will be developing such strategies in a given environment. They also need to deploy performance mechanisms through which they will be able to evaluate overall marketing approach in a given environment. 

This report will conduct marketing analysis of Flipkart - one of the leading e-commerce companies. It will also determine how Flipkart is able to generate such huge volume in their sales across a given geographical region. They are thereby able to achieve desired objectives in a given working environment. 

The purpose of selecting this topic was to understand how a given organization is operating in a given competitive scenario. It will allow me to gain a better understanding on the different marketing concepts associated with a given organization. I selected Flipkart since it is one of the fastest growing e-commerce companies in India. Recently, WalMart purchased 77% of stake in the company and hence it is important to analyse this organization from different perspectives. 

The thesis statement of this report will determine the marketing approach of Flipkart and will evaluate the outcomes of the marketing plan in a given working environment. Also, it will help in overcoming majority of the operational challenges to achieve required objectives and to satisfy the needs of the customers in a given environment.


Flipkart Pvt Ltd. is one of the leading e-commerce companies based in Bengaluru, India. The company was started initially as online book selling company by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal in 2007. Later, they expanded their product portfolio and today they are selling a range of time that include consumer electronics, lifestyle products, and fashion. In addition, they have become the rivals of Amazon and Snapdeal in the Indian segments. As per the reports, the total number of employees working is around 30,000. They are expanding in other segments as well to make sure that they become the market leader in the Indian market scenario.

Topic Sentence for Paragraph-1: Flipkart delivers products to home and thereby improves the online shopping experience for the customers.

Flipkart performs their functions in the e-commerce segment and delivers different products to the customers across India. It is also the leading company in the e-commerce industry and has implemented different mechanism for the purpose of achieving their objectives. Also, the organization has planned specific strategic approaches to achieve desired objectives and also to overcome current market challenges present in a given environment. 

It is thereby important to determine the working approach and the overall strategy of Flipkart so that one can evaluate the marketing strategies of the organization as well in a given challenging work environment (Luo, Zhang, &Duan, 2013). 

The major strengths of the organization include - strong brand name, clear visibility in the market through different marketing campaigns, improvised customer services, their own logistics arm, and also providing all types of support that will improve the overall shopping experience for the customers in a given online mode.

Topic Sentence for Paragraph-2: Flipkart provides a wide range of products across multiple cities and geographical locations.

Flipkart has implemented multiple strategies to not only increase their customer base but also improve customer loyalty toward the organization. For this reason, they have first identified the different competitive scenarios in a given market, determined the needs and changing demands of the customers, also tied-up with multiple suppliers that will be able to sell their products through their marketplace platform, and finally also deployed technological solutions within the organization to perform all the activities and processes in a seamless manner. 

It is due to these reasons that the company is able to earn nearly US $2.8 billion revenues in 2017. The company is expanding further to target customers of the Tier-III cities as well as of the rural regions. Their marketing and operational approaches are helping the organization to deliver products across a range of cities in India. Also, they are now focusing on ways to improve their logistics services to the next level with the help of integrated logistics and marketing solutions (Aral, Dellarocas, &Godes, 2013).

Topic Sentence for Paragraph-3: Flipkart is not only providing the state-of-the-art services but is also implementing marketing approach to attract customers throughout all the seasons

The marketing department of Flipkart is investing heavily in their social media platforms for the purpose of providing promotions and offers to the customers. Today, majority of the customers are purchasing their items and products through Flipkart. Hence, to attract them with new promotional offers and also to inform new customers about the Flipkart online selling platform, the organization has implemented multiple marketing strategies through online mediums. 

They are utilizing digital marketing medium such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest for the purpose of increasing the total number of followers as well as increasing the customer base in a given working environment. The marketing department on the other hand is evaluating these strategies and making necessary modifications wherever required.

Topic Sentence for Paragraph-4: Flipkart through their innovative marketing approaches has turned into the market leader in the e-commerce industry.

Flipkart is today the market leader in the e-commerce industry in India. The vision of the organization is to become the Amazon of India and the mission of the organization is to serve customers with a wide range of products at better prices and with better quality across India. They thereby want to improve the online shopping experience of millions of customers through such an approach (Miles, Verreynne, & Luke, 2014). 

However, to target them and deliver products as per their needs, Flipkart has implemented multiple marketing campaigns through online channels. They are thereby increasing their online presence, improving their brand visibility, increasing the customer base, and also delivering the products as per the requirements of the customers. It thereby helps them deliver as per the needs and subsequently assists the organization in increasing bottom-lines of the organization.

Summarizing Objections

There are local retailers and other local sellers that are selling the items through traditional channels. They are not dealing with any of such online mediums as well as with digital marketing for the purpose of increasing their net sales in a given environment (Miller& Tucker, 2013). They are thereby opposing such online retailers so that they can sustain in a given working environment. 

The government thereby needs to take a stand and devise policy that will benefit both the entities in a given operational environment. Also, Flipkart needs to support such sellers so that they can sustain their position in the market and at the same time Flipkart will be able to sell their products through their marketplace. It will create a win-win situation for both the stakeholders involved in a given transaction process.

Recommendations and Conclusion

This report discussed about Flipkart - one of the leading e-commerce companies operating in India. The company started in 2007 and since then it has grown multifold across different categories. This report discusses on how Flipkart is using multiple strategies for the purpose of marketing that will assist them in increasing their customer base as well as achieve desired sales for the organization. 

It is noticed that they need to focus more on the social media channels for the purpose of increasing net sales and also increasing the customer base in a given working environment (Jernigan &Rushman, 2014). However, the marketing department and the senior management need to evaluate these strategies and accordingly modify them wherever required. It will subsequently help the organization to achieve their objectives in the near future. The top-level management of Flipkart on the other hand needs to deploy performance analysis mechanisms so that they can review the current strategies and modify them wherever required. It will thereby help them achieve desired outcomes in a given environment.

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