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Methods to Motivate Employees to Improve Behaviors


There are various strengths of termination of the employees during the time period of downsizing of a company. It helps in ensuring that an employer has the best employees in his team. It helps in ensuring that only the most experienced employees of the company are retained at the workplace. When one employee is terminated, it makes the other employees thing that everything is not well and anybody who does not perform well can be terminated at any point of time, which results in causing the other employees to pull up their socks. Employee termination is one of the cost effective measures during the times of financial woes of a company. It also comes with several weaknesses. First and foremost, employee termination involves several legal problems. It increases the burden of the employees that stay in the workplace. It also pulls down the morale of all the other employees.


 Demotion of employees can be a positive experience to a business manager only in some rare cases. However, the intention of employed demotion is to benefit the employee as well as the company. The strength of employees demotion are, lower amount of risks as compared to that in termination, financial benefit to the company due to the reduction in salary of the employee, opportunity of developing an employee through more coaching and training, etc. However, the weakness of demotion is that when employers reduce their expenses, they cannot reduce them as much as they could if they laid off the personnel.

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