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The Story of Worship


Christianity as it seems has deep roots which rationalize human behavior and the nature of approach that God has on the actions as response. It provides its followers with certain commands that help them to understand the ways that they require to perform and worship God. This assignment aims to understand the various perspectives in the form of the principles that are added in the Biblical theme of the Christian Church. It is quite important to note that, there are various aspects that include in understanding the theme of God’s Plan of Worship. The concept basically delves into the wish and the commands that God suggests His followers to follow in worship Him in the right way.


God and His perspective of worship

According to the Christian themes of Bible, it is important to note that, the God has established a number of principles of worshiping. These are included in the acceptable and unacceptable ways of worshipping by his people. It is stated that, God wish to be worshipped by His own will and not the way the people manifests His being. It is a matter of fact that human has certain preferences of doing works in the materialistic world which most of the time distance them from the very existence of the spirituality . In context to modern scenario and post reformation scenario, religion and worshipping God has become a choice and personal preferences among the people. .  In most cases, it has been observed that, followers of Christianity have developed many understandings about the religion that has defined their point of view. In respect to the changing nature of their beliefs and actions it is quite evident that, mankind tends to practice religion as per their convenience and preferences. Thus, it becomes a concern to understand the rationale behind not following the conventional ways of worshipping God. It is important to note that, such behavioral aspects have significantly affected the role and significance of Church. The Church in Christianity plays a significant role in interpreting the correct process of worshipping God. However, the intentional adaption of various methods by Human has questioned the Church and its role. This specifically identifies that how the status of the church has fallen in the social and religious context. It is a great matter of concern to find certain questions about the specific factors which include the preferences of God, the acceptable methods of worship in the perspective way and the ways of people can know about it. In the regulative principle, answers to these factors have been provided  

Glorifying God: Man’s chief end

It is the common human nature to idolize and carve images of things and concepts they truly believe in. However, this specific conception has certain constraints in the plan of God . The manifestation of God with the ways Human imagines God to be is a matter of conflict according to the Biblical theme of Christianity. It is of much significance that it is quite obvious that, when human worship a carved image of God or idolize Him, it basically depicts their creation. However, it is a fact that Human is the ultimate creation of God and thus worshipping their own creation seems morally unethical. It becomes very essential for the people to understand the appropriate way of worshipping Him. It is of much significance to understand that, Mankind has a dominant tendency of creation. They also tend to establish new ideas that seems rationale to them according to their existing knowledge and understanding of their surroundings.   Based on their part of reality, they mould the conventional methods . This has been observed since the establishment of the religion. The existence of the creative aspects in their nature has basically helped the Church to identify the area where they actually turn their interests to. Glorification of their being becomes a priority where the goal in their life changes. Glorifying God is the only purpose of mankind through the process of worshipping and here lies the rationale of finding the appropriate method. The availability of guidance by God in worshipping Him in both Old and New Testaments  is where the rule that provides direction of the way how mankind can glorify and enjoy the existence of God in the materialistic World.   

God is a jealous God

God has the prime responsibility to care for His people and it is quite natural and morally acceptable that this care and love that he has for his people needs to reciprocated in the way his being worshipped. It is important to note that, God carries certain claims and his absolute privilege to be worshipped and treated by His own will is important for mankind to consider . This appropriate process brings peace among the mankind and also helps mankind offend God. However, human has the tendency to perform actions according to their wish and not follow the words of God. In this context, this specific regulatory principles explains that God is jealous when he is being worshipped by the created ways of mankind other than His commands. Human being a complicated species that exists in this world which humanizes nature for their comfort and easy lifestyle has always managed to mould the existing believes and Principles of the religion they follow. It is of much importance to understand that mankind though collectively known as a single identity involves various aspects of beliefs and their actions are hugely determined by these believes. It is important to note that Human has always managed to find alternatives of the convention as their natural psychology always defies conventionality. God, in this context is mostly offended by this behavior. The very concept of His methods and ways being substituted by the self-made designed process of Human. In the specific principle, it is of much significance to understand that, the work mankind perform and the world they live in, the natural environment they are surrounded by Him are all created by God. Thus disobeying his commands would make him offended. 

Mankind and the inclination to False Worship


Mankind in its nature has the tendency of believing the illusion that has been created by them only. This leads the great confusion in understanding the correct way of worshipping God . It is clearly stated in the Genesis to Revelation that, Human think that they have certain space in their heart that seeks lord but the underlying painful truth is that they basically seek their own glory through worshipping God. It is being observed that, Human has always the rejected the words of God and has created their own beliefs and understanding of God. In context to the understanding of the existing conventions and rules of worshipping God, Human has always been affected by the illusions which are basically their own created narratives. This has significantly affected their being in reality. The purpose of the existence has changed and the methods of worshipping God have also been affected . With the change in the surroundings and the effects of the external factors which has impact on religion, mankind has created their own tangible understanding. However, in context to the existing conventions of Christian themes of Bible, these practice does not matches as per the commands of God for worshipping Him. It is important to note that, in context to the own devices created by Human develops and implements a specific process and system of worship which is made on the basis of their own ideas and imagination which seem fulfilling and uplifting according to their judgments. This creates a drastic contradiction with the idea and the teaching of God in his commands. The basic conception that requires clearance is that whether Mankind is actually worshipping God according to His preferences or are actually manifesting their own inventions and ideas through worshipping Him.

The contentment of God in the Unity of His people


The ultimate and the most important factor for which it becomes important to understand the significance of the Regulative Principle of Worship is that Unity that promotes the very existence of the Church.  With the changing nature of Human understanding of the spiritual realm and real world, Church is being divided on the basis of divided beliefs and understanding . Wars in the name of religion and the existence of various disagreements have basically divided the mankind in several divisions which affects the very existence of the religion. Here, the basic purpose of Christianity is being questioned. Religion happens to be an umbrella that unites people in a same thread. However, these disagreements and the prevailing violence towards people of different opinion have huge negative impact on religion. Hence, mankind and their existence in the spiritual world become more vulnerable. The vulnerability of their being has led to many constraints in the religion as a whole. This division among his people has given God to rethink on his own creation and the consequence that his own creation has reached to. Unity is the utmost solution for all the materialistic pain and disturbance that mankind is going through. The best way of developing Unity is to abide by the rules that are made by God and substitute them with self-understanding. Church in the modern scenario has lost its status but this specific regulative principle suggests Church to be Holy space to develop unity and make it the ultimate space for attaining the Eternal light provided by God to his obedient people. 


In regard to the understanding of the various Regulative Principles of the God’s Plan a Genesis to Revelation, it is clear that, Mankind has been in deep confusion in identifying the reality out of the illusion created by the worldly materialistic approaches that Human carry. This has significantly distanced mankind from God and has led them to develop alternative ways of worshipping God which all the time manifests their understanding and imagination. Identifying the appropriate methods of worshipping is very important for maintaining a religion which is true to its nature. Followers are the most important factors that determine the success of a religion and its existence . In fact, Glorification of God has been discussed in details so that readers are able to understand that, there definitely need to understand the difference between creating new things and believes and appreciating which already exists in its conventional norms. With the help of this study it is evident that, the practice of newly formed methods of worshipping God offends him in many ways as it does not includes his own believes. False worshipping is a major factor that needs to be considered when discussing about the appropriate methods of worshipping.  Human have always drowned in their own created narratives which has become illusions. Thus identifying the reality in the mists of illusion is very important. Moreover, Unity of mankind is the best way to satisfy God as God has created all its men with equal care. Establishing differences in nature and believes actually questions the creation of God.  The basic concept that is being suggested by the Regulative Principles is that, Human are tied with a collective consciousness and is felt when they are able to attain the spiritual realm by worshipping God according to His will. However, with the distraction of illusive materials that are created by men has actually affected them in many ways and also led them to offend God. Thus it is of much importance to be obedient and clear the illusion so that Mankind is blessed with the Eternal light of God for a peaceful life.

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