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Internship is the work experience related to field which is benefited for future and to get high success by the experience of internship programs. It is the most important aspect which provides the high training about different fields and practical work. Most of the internships have the purpose of practical training of field which is going learnt in educational institutions by the students.  Internship is consisting of the exchange of different experience which is related to specific subjects.

It has most important aspect of learning by practical analysis of field. This study has to generate the complete internship report about the Ministry of Justice in UAE. I will start internship in Human Resource department of this organization. I have to start internship on 25th March that will be under the supervision of Shafeeqa Mohammed Al Hammadi. This is the great personality and will provide me the most important information about every matter and the responsibilities in this department of ministry of Justice. She will work in four different places of Human Resource department and that four places includes training, recruiting, employees relation and for the benefits and payroll section in the company.

About Company                         

Ministry of Justice is the judiciary department in UAE. It has some most important responsibilities and practices to secure the rights of the community in UAE. The vision of this company is about to the leadership for the achieving of justice in UAE.

Mission statement of company is directly related to the commitment for providing the fair and justice system in UAE. It also has aim to provide the effective legislation to the community and to ensure the all rules and protection for different rights and freedom.

It is the right of individual to get the high freedom and to provide the distinctive services about the legal matters. It has almost 2500 employees in the company.

Values of Company

Ministry of justice has the distinctive values and important responsibilities in the UAE. Values include the honesty in every matter and the transparency for different matters. It also has to provide the justice and the equality to the community by protecting the all rights of the community. It also has to provide the dignity and worth to the human in the UAE.

The increasing responsibility and the teamwork is important value for community in the country. It consider the client as the first priority in the company. Ministry of justice is the excellence in its all matters. 

Strategies of ministry of justice

Ministry of justice has most important strategies in the company which are directly align with the vision and mission of organization. Most important strategies include the development of judicial system and the responsibilities to provide services for courts and for the prosecutors. The second strategy is about to the development of the different legislations and the other legal services for international practices.

The third one is about to the strengthening high role for the ministry of the legal affairs in domestic and international levels. The fourth most important and influencing strategy is about to submission of different administrative services by standards of the quality and by efficiency along with the transparency.

It is the structure of ministry of the justice in the United Arab Emirates. It has different aspects under the supervision of different heads. The first head is about to the minister and also about under the secretary. It has different departments which includes the human resource department, the information technology department, finance and the procurement section of the company. These most important departments have the increasing responsibilities to handle the different affairs of the company (Emirates, 2017).

Training with the Business card along with supervisor

I will get high training through my supervisor in HR department of ministry of Justice as it has the different responsibilities in its HR department to fulfill the conditions to attract more employees in the organization.

These employees must have to give their best for the company and this training session will add the lot of knowledge which will be about to the practical knowledge of this field. In the Human Resource section of the company, I shall have some tasks to fulfill with my supervisor and my supervisor will always help me to understand different matters.

Objectives which are attach with this internship includes the career opportunities for high success in my field by getting training to handle the matters of this department. My major in the course is the HR and this add value as it is the need of the time to get training in this department which will give me the high chance for getting best job in this same department. Experience is always preferred in the all organizations.

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