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Limbu is an ethnic group that lives in India and Nepal. This community is known to have a rich culture that comprises rituals, values, food varieties, andoral narrations (Limbu 30). Similar to other communities, the Limbu folk food, a key element of their way of life, has changed over time due to religion, geographical factors, culture, environmental changes, and historical occurrences.

Studying meals is one of the approaches to reviewing culture. Although there is no particular timeline from which the Limbu food is studied, the consumption of rice in the community traces back to 5000 BCE (Limbu 33).This diet is essential to this ethnic group because it provides numerous health benefits. Rice is also deemed to be holy as can be seen in its use in religious rites.In fact, priests offer rice and beer made from the same foodstuff to their spiritual Guru (Limbu 34). As the main staple food, the Limbu prioritize rice farming. This desire is further compounded by the geographical factors that favorits cultivation in Nepal and India. Therefore, rice is the Limbu's main staple food and is during religious rites.

The feeding habits of the Limbu have changed over time due to influence from foreigners. For instance, after Prithvi Nayan Shah conquered the Limbu, they were banned from consuming beef (Limbu 32). Other dietary changes have occurred among this community Limbu following interaction with outsiders.

Besides rice, the Limbu take fruits, vegetables such asspinach and stinging nettle, cereals that include millet and soybean, and all meat types except beef. These foodstuffsare consumed during breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner (Limbu 35). This food variety helps the Limbu people maintain desirable health.

The Limbu is a conservative community that has a rich culture. Although rice is their main food, theyhave other diets, namely cereals, fruits, and vegetables among others. The community’s eating habits have changed over time due to religion, foreign influence, and geographical and environmental factors.

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