In the assignment there is a case study in which a person is suffering from the mental health disease and various causes



Chung is a 35 years-old male who moved to Australia from China five years ago. Two years ago, Chung was under investigation by the hospital Human Resources department due to a drug error. Chung found their wedding day emotionally difficult. He felt the ceremony lacked reference to his Chinese culture (Spoont, et. al., 2017). He has been feeling increasingly anxious from the past few weeks, given his continuing long hours, shift work, the high pressure of an Accident and Emergency department, Charlotte’s birth and his wife’s health. Chung has been feeling very low in mood for the past six weeks, experiencing sleeplessness, particularly initial insomnia and early morning awakening and is explained in the assignment below.

Using relevant literature critically discuss the mental health status of the client in the case study.

Chung is suffering from extreme anxiety and thus having chest pains, breathlessness and is having palpitations. He was suffering insomnia and experiencing early morning awakening. He used to wake up around 3am in night and was feeling sleeplessness throughout the day. He lost around five kilos of weight in one month as he was skipping his meals and not taking care of his diet properly. He was taking overdose of high lethality medications. Moreover, chung was feeling very low and was experiencing bad thoughts such as he will get a heart attack, fleeting thoughts of suicide etc. Chung is a hopeless and helpless man who wants to die (Fondacaro & Mazzulla, 2017). 

Medical state examination has been done for reviewing the attitude and functioning of Chung mental ability. Chung has lots of problems and this will affect to insomnia (Cross & Cross, 2015). This examination will be checking for measuring mental state as Chung looks sad and it affects to voice and limited eye contact (Martin, et. al., 2018). Due to bad thoughts in mind including suicide etc. and feeling helplessness, MSE will be helpful in interacting with the patient and observing all the current problems that Chung has faced it.  Medical examination been done through various components and primary factor is appearance is that Chung was looking sad and tears in his eyes. This will give the indication of regularly living ability of a patient. Appearance matters when it fulfils all the things including grooming, lifestyle and good health of that patient. Another component used for reviewing is the behaviour and attitude towards another person as Chung is behaving rude as not giving the answer by asking questions many times (Cunningham & Regan, 2017). Chung facial expression, body language and limited eye contact with the community nurse. Voice and speech is gentle and only single reply will be hearing from the patient. Chung speech rate and tempo is reduced (Dimoff & Kelloway, 2018). Nervousness is increasing and severe other problems that will effect on mental health. Patient thoughts are also measured and evaluated as Chang experiencing depressive and wrong thoughts in mind and feels the self-imposed situation.

Diagnostic and statistical manual and mental disorders are done for reviewing of various kinds of international experts with the duration of more than 10 years.  DSM has measured Chung metal disorders for improving mental ability and health. Chung has faced various disorders including sleeplessness, insomnia and early wakening. DSM provides the care and treatment of psychiatric disorders (Cunningham & Regan, 2017). 

Critically discuss two (2) factors which have contributed to the development of the client’s current mental health status.

The main factors that are contributing to chung’s present mental health status majorly includes his continuing long work hours and his shift work due to which he was experiencing anxiety and was feeling restless. Furthermore, the high pressure of an accident and the calls from the emergency department lead to sleeplessness. Charlotte’s birth and his wife’s health were the few other factors which contributed towards chung’s present mental health status.

Chung mental state illness is at peak because of late night working hours and suffering from insomnia. Due to long working hours, level of mental stress is increasing and at certain point brain stop working and mental capability is reducing (Dimoff & Kelloway, 2018). Due to the high pressure of working, Chung is collapsed with the chair and this will cause back pain.  Stress vulnerability model is a model that is applied for mental illness (Bauman, 2016). This model identifies the reasons for mental illness and stress is a foremost problem for increasing number of mental disorders. 

With Due to increasing level of stress Chung has reduced five kilos of weight as he reduced the regular appetite. Stress vulnerability is also composed of two more factors that are responsible for increasing rate of mental disorders (Cunningham & Regan, 2017). Biological vulnerability relates to the disorder when a patient is caused to any biological disorder and Chung is facing through lot of biological disorders as Chung wife Harriet has had an infection since the time she births to a child and faced many complications in this resulted to the pain and difficulties. Biological disorders are more dangerous as it is not bound to psychotic disorders. Another factor is protective factor and due to that both the disorders is reduced (Fondacaro & Mazzulla, 2017). Chung has a protective factor that is high lethality medications and usually he is aware about their overdose. Chung mental situation is affected as he usually things more and bad thoughts including suicide make him week (Kageyama, et. al., 2016). There are various factors that contributed to the increasing number of mental illness that is long duration of working hours, not taking serious actions upon mental illness. 

Stress vulnerability model helps in final outcome and diagnose the Chung mental situation and from that treatment will be based. Use of alcohol and drugs are avoided and the emphasis on medication is taken as a prior concern (Fondacaro & Mazzulla, 2017).

Respect, empowerment and hope are three (3) positive aspects of mental health recovery. Using relevant literature and the case study, critically discuss how these three (3) principles could positively contribute to the client’s journey of recovery.

Recovery oriented practice involves being consumer focused. It basically involves the respect, empowerment and hope and all the above-mentioned factors play a significant role in improvement of client’s mental health status especially through recovery oriented mental health theory and practices (Cunningham & Regan, 2017). Respect plays a vital role by ensuring that a man does not experience any kind of anxiety. Empowerment is necessary to bring his self-respect and confidence so the client doesn’t feel low or should not experience any bad thoughts. Last but not the least hope is essential because until and unless you keep hope in yourself it is difficult to cure (Fondacaro & Mazzulla, 2017).

Recovery oriented mental theory is theory is based on practice for mental illness as for retaining and improving the life of patient and their severe risk. Negativity will be converted into positivity and good thoughts will be coming into the mind. Chunk is fully involved in mental disorders and that resulted to depression, bad thoughts. The factors that will be involving to recovery is the interaction with the patient and fully provide good environment and positivity (Fondacaro & Mazzulla, 2017).. Recovery is embedded with the growth and effective results and Chung is fully engaged in active life and in a positive sense. This theory is the basic form for improving the level of a patient.  It has become the level of increasing level of guidance and training for mental health services.

It will be helpful in growing beyond the disorders and focus on mental illness. The factors that caused due to this are various which results out a stress (Dimoff & Kelloway, 2018). Hyper insomnia, early wakening and depression causing self imposed treatments and from that situation, the mental illness is growing at a rapid rate. Chung is fully involved in working hours and night shift duty as not giving enough time to relax and also he don’t have any time for hisimself and this caused major stress for him and further results in severe mental illness. Though this theory strengths will built and improve the quality of life and wellness (Fondacaro & Mazzulla, 2017). The above factors help in recovery from the mental condition which caused to him and he will see major improvement in the health condition.


From the above it has been concluded that there are various factors which are responsible for the mental health issues such as late workings and many other reasons which are depicted in detail in the assignment. There is in addition description of various factors which cause in mental health illness and also various modes of mental health recovery which is also explained in the assignment which helps in recovery of the patient suffering from mental health issue. In the assignment there is a case study in which a person is suffering from the mental health disease and various causes which leads to the disease and some recommendations and treatment which help the person to improve the health and recover from the issue is explained in brief. 

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