The given assignmnet is about effects of globalization on cultures across globe as it has threatened social values

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Today, globalization has threatened the presence and preservation of social values through the introduction of new cultures. Through the phenomenon, people from different regions and backgrounds interact and influence each other.These involvements lead to individuals adopting new trends that undermine their identities. Although indigenous practices tend to be unique, none are superior to the other. However, when people from different societies interact, it is possible for some partiesto feel that their traditionsare inferior. Globalization canresult in some civilizations changing their beliefs and aligning them with those of developed nations for conformity purposes.Hence, the enhanced involvements enabled by this phenomenon result in culturalerosion, as people are tempted to abandon some practices and adopt foreign ones.

In addition, globalization has enabled the exchange of products and services that negatively influence cultures and social values.This occurrence provides enhanced access to music and videos from all over the world because of widespread interactions facilitated by technological advancements. The former contains some elements that erode indigenousbeliefs in the society and has dominated traditional music, both in audio and visual aspects. For instance, some dancers wear revealing attires, which is considered inappropriate in some communities. In movies, actors spread ideas that disputeestablished values; thus, this contentdemeans the principles and significance of certain practices in some communities. For example, some motion pictures help spread propaganda by developed nations that undermine shared societal beliefs in third world nations. In fact, underdeveloped states and their cultures are portrayed as backward and irrelevant. Therefore, globalization is critical to the world economy, though itis detrimental to the existence and preservation of ways of lifeall over the world.

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