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Does increasing military technology really make us safer

What is expected from the Military

In order to get an answer to the question, that whether we are actually being kept safe by the latest technological innovation and upgradation of our military tactics in war, we first have to understand that we are actually expecting out of our Military.

What is Military Technology

Military technology can be termed in simple words as the assemblage of equipment, communication tools and motor vehicles that can be used in a war. In the present time we have found out that the warfare has got transformed to a great extent, from the first generation tanks to the Stealth Bombers such as B2.

How can the Military technology keep as safe

With the introduction of the latest technology and more destructive weaponry the military can resist heavy armed invasions, subdue terrorist activities and with the help of the Drones and the Stealth Technology it can also keep an eye on the enemy movements and make as feel safe in the concerned process.

Protection of Homeland:

The first and foremost of the activities of our military is that they are entrusted with the responsibility of protecting our homeland from the foreign invasions and shield the nation from bigger enemies. It is a recorded fact that in 2015 alone US spent about $610 billion on the military activities than the combined expenditure that was made by China, Russia, India, France, Britain, Japan and Saudi Arabia.

Protect the Allies:

We also expect our military not only to protect our homeland but also the other nations whose land and sovereignty we have pledged to protect.These allies are the countries that we would never have to fight against. It is for this major reason that many Nations are today a part of the US lead Global alliance.

Smarter Technological Innovations:

But we can achieve a blissful life and a sound peace at home when our geographical boundaries are secured and heavily protected. This is the main reason that we depend on the military and to help the military to defend their poise we have talented researchers from all over the world engaged in different sorts of technological researches to help the military personnel in their respective countries to carry out their entrusted duty seriously and effectively. Recent reports have pointed out the fact that a Tech team of Bio Medical engineers are developing a new technology that will be helpful in saving the life of the soldiers in the battlefield from serious casualties or injuries. The main aim of this concerned and dedicated approach is to stop the bleeding of the injured soldiers. This is being tried out by the development of the artificial blood platelets that when injected intravenously will help in reducing the combat facilities to the bare minimum.

Are we really safe or not

The radical development of science and technology has produced wonders in the field of Military science and development activities thus helping in the combat tactics to a great extent, but the question arises what will happen if they get loose entry in the black market and fall into the wrong hands meant for spreading mass destruction and terrorism? The Scientists are well alarmed of such a fact and they are trying to get quick solutions to such alarmed problems.


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