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Do You Think That Courbet Shows These Figures As Empathetic, and If So,How?

In theStonebreakers painting, Courbet depicts real occurrences using the realism approach. Through the creation, he derives compassion for the young boy and old man from viewers. In fact, he illustrates the two individuals striving to perform the underlying task of breaking stones, which depicts the oppression of the poor by the rich.It is evident from the piece that the two are struggling based on the waythe boy appears to use substantial energy to lift the stones and the old man's body language.Furthermore, the condition of their pan and other utensils symbolizes poverty. The misery of the two can further be seen in the torn and patched clothes they are wearing;their shoes are also old and worn out. Therefore, the artist empathetically portrays the subjects through exhausted bodies, hostile conditions, and tattered attires.

How Do the PhysicalAttributes of the Painting (the Cramped Space, the Dark Brooding Colors and the Even Light) Affect Our Reading of It?
In Stonebreakers, Courbet opposes conventional painting stylesand employs a unique approach. The physical attributes depicted in this painting differ from the norm. The piece has some squeezed space, dark brooding colors in the background, and a well-litfrontline. By using a restricted space, Courbet minimizes thevisible materials and focuses viewers on the old man and the boy working. The dark brooding colors used in the piece help reduce the number of noticeable objects in the background, which would distract observers from the main attraction. Lastly, Courbet positions the subjects at the forefront and portrays them in even light to enhance their prominence to readers. Therefore, the painting's physical attributes influence viewers to focus on the boy and the old man.


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