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Contextual Factors: Knowing Your School and Community


In this assignment, there is a thorough discussion on the school and district-based demographics in relation with Great Holy Christian Temple Learning School. In this aspect, geographical demographics is also discussed. It is observed that population, national income, number of educated peoples, per capita income of peoples are a crucial factor behind the growth of the school in an educational range in Milwaukee. 

Geographic location:

Greater Holy Christian Temple Academy is the educational home for all the students in 5575 N, 76th St, Milwaukee, WI 53218, USA. It is a private school located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This organization serves a lot of peoples of diversified populations. In this organization, more than 600 students from the entire area of Milwaukee attend their school's generation wise. Due to geographical locations and urban popularities, all of the peoples rely upon that God has taken the classes in this organization. In this urban area, this Great Holy Christian Temple Academy is providing their free classroom coaching, breakfast along with children free immunization programming. In this aspect, all of the parents of the children have a great attraction towards this school as the educational procedure from K4 TO 8TH grade is also very improvised here. As a result, children after completion of their schooling can get the scopes for higher education in an easy method. Parents in this area are also very aware of the education of their children. Due to these, all of these parents prefer their children's education in the Great Holy Christian temple academy. Here, all of the classroom coachings are completed along with SMART classroom equipment procedure. As a result, the audio-visual based education helps the children to learn their things in a realistic manner. Milwaukee, Wisconsin is containing 1.57 million population according to 2018 census after enhancing of 600,000 peoples after 2016. It's the Milwaukee city which is metropolitan according to its statistical area. Here all peoples are highly educated as 98% of peoples are with high school graduate. It is the city in U.S.A with the highest number of high school graduates (Kunz, 2018). In this city, there is the Whitefish Bay area with the highest number of graduates. Here, the Great Holy Christian Temple School provides their free breakfast and educational treatments towards their children to remove the numbers of drop out student also.

District demographics:

Milwaukee is the statistically metropolitan area comprised of 1.57 million peoples which is the largest population center in the USA. Here, the number of educated people is also very high among other cities of USA. Starting from 2010, nowadays Milwaukee is enjoying a high growth rate in national income and others. As a result, there is a great conversion from the suburban area to the metropolitan city. It is observed that the population base is enhanced by 0.5% wise. In Milwaukee based four countries comprised country, there is the land area of 1455 kilometer square. In this metro country highest land area the oriented place is Waukesha country which contains 550 square kilometers. From 1950, this metro based area of Milwaukee has observed a surplus growth of people and income based. From 1950 to 1960 there was a great growth of both population and the national income of the place.

Metro Milwaukee has close proximity with its national age profile. The median age of this metro city is nearly 38 years in 2017. Among the entire population, there is population from all age groups, including young people’s from 25 to 34 years ago, 55 to 65 years of age and more than 65 age and their population size is 15%, 14% and 17% of the total population respectively. This metro area based Milwaukee is rich in cultural heritage and ethnicity. Black colored American African based population is the largest minority group in Milwaukee, USA. According to the last estimation, the total number of these populations was 276,589. In this metro area, the second largest group is Hispanic or Latino group. They have a total number of 176,800. Asian population contains only 4% of the total population. According to person based view, German heritage makes the largest ethnic group of Milwaukee. Along with growth rate in national income, it is observed that in Milwaukee, there is issuing of dwelling permits allowed in the average value of 2406. It is also observed that, from 2016 to 2018, there is a great enhancement of dwelling units from 672 units to 2472 units. In Milwaukee, the permit-issuing valuation in 2018 is $750 million, which accounts a large part of the total national income. Here, the domestic purchasing value is $105 billion in 2017, whereas it was $92 in 2009. It is observed in real per capita valuation that, Milwaukee has a rank above other comparable metro figures, which is $58,353. Milwaukee has the per capita real value better than other metro cities along with its educated people’s rate (Rhoades et al., 2018). All of the demographics have helped a lot to the Great Holy Christian Temple Learning Academy. In this area, there are enormous schools but in Great Holy, there are enormous advantages for the children which have made this school great preferences for all of the parents, such as free breakfast, concession in lunch along with their free home planning to make children more cautious about their study. In this school, there are classes from K4 grade to the 8th standard which serves a lot of things for the Milwaukee based population. Here, according to the population data, male and female numbers are 768,800 and 805900 which lies in 19:20 ratio. Here the social stability is also very high which provides some extra advantages towards the education of children.

School demographics:

In Great Holy Christian Temple learning academy, there is the complete environment for completion of the student's education. It is the commitment of that school is to develop their children in such a way which will help these children to prosper in their future life and make the huge commitment towards to development of Christian society across the entire world. This school has a medium level of racial diversity. Children from all races such as White Americans, Black Americans, Hispanic groups, Asian community, international origin based come here where respective percentages are 68%, 8%, 9%, 7%, and 4%. In the year 2018, there was a total undergraduate student enrolment of 24,967 where 22% of the students are crossing their 25 years age and the remaining 14% are a part-time study based undergraduate students. Most of the students are coming here from families having a median household income of $65,934 per year. As a result, parents also provide their support to continue their study and complete their Bachelor's degree after completion of 8th Grade. Here, most of the students are going to the school to make the real learning of all required things through SMART equipped classes (Tozer, 2018).


It can be concluded from the entire discussion that, along with time, there is a great growth rate in Milwaukee in education in the children. Here, the male-female ratio is also very stable. As a result, educated parents are always providing enough supports towards their children for the schooling of children. It will help children to make their professional life as well as make the growth and development of the Christian community along with other racial groups. 

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