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“Elegance does not consist in putting a new dress” – coco channel 

Fashion and style sound similar but have a very different essence. Fashion is of the world while style is your own. Fashion is what the market sells while style is what you show. Today’s youth is made on the sparkling glitters that attract the eye of everyone around. They judge you based on what you wear; from the pins in your head to the shoes on your foot, everything must be branded and in fashion for the society to say that you are classy or rich or whatsoever. Fashion is everywhere and so are the people who make it, in fact, it has grasped school students under its curse as well. For the school students, fashion is about the school bag they carry, the watch they wear and on top of it the way they wear their uniform. To be cool you should have expensive stuff all the time. 

Causes for addiction towards fashion:

Nowadays teenagers are much focused on fashion and their style that they forgot about what is truly important in life and the causes for addiction are determined as under: 

Fashion Magazines: School students prefer to read fashion magazines instead of reading their textbooks or novels that make them more knowledgeable. They are trying to imitate fashion models and actors, most of them desire to be into a glamour world, they think that the fashion world is better than any other job. They are attracted to television programmes for getting to know more about new trends and style of clothes. 

Fashion blogs and articles: If that’s not enough they rely on internet or fashion blogs and articles wasting the time which could have been utilized in being more productive. It is the responsibility of the parents and guardians to ensure whether their children are spending most of their time in their fashion, style and grooming themselves instead of focussing on their studies. 

Utilisation of time: In a very small age they are addicted towards latest fashion accessories and trendy things and in addition they also spend most of their time in shopping from malls on weekends. They waste their weekends in shopping rather than devoting some time to themselves and grooming themselves.  

Excess of information regarding the latest trends and styles of clothes and accessories blocks the young mind and therefore distracts them from their academics. Schools should also make some rules and regulations to make sure they don’t use fashionable accessories on the school premises. It is good to have knowledge about fashion and being updated about the new trends but if it gets in the way of being a better version of you than it must be avoided because anything in excess is harmful. School going kids as now a day’s involving themselves very much into fashion that they don’t have enough time for their studies and in some manner it affects their career. Some strict rules and regulations are required to be formulated in order to avoid such fancy and trendy accessories in premises of the school. 

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