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Background information:

In JAMS manufacturing company, to make the best plant management networking system along with their every system it is essential to make the cloud-based firewall system. Through these systems, this widgets company will be able to make their performance safe and efficient. In this aspect, this company will be able to make total protection for their entire database also. It will help this stand-alone computer and printer manufacturing companies in the maintenance of their security. In this aspect, all the tale-communication related wearing should also be changed. Through these changes and implementations, they will be able to make a difference in technology and will be able to take protective measures against cyber crimes and to enjoy the faster connectivity of telecommunication based era.


In this change implementation procedure, JAMS manufacturing company will be able to
• Provide better internet-based communication which will be helpful to make more efficient communication and business performances (Comer, 2018).
• On the other hand, this company will be able to make a protective shield around their organization against data leakage and different kinds of confidentiality loss.
• A routed firewall and transparent firewall are very efficient to provide security mainly against the malware and helps in making the communication among all the plants, or building based other computers.


This firewall maintenance will help the plant in the transmission control protocols and other legitimate ways of activities. In this period, JAMS Company will get the scope to check all the data, check all the access points of foreign attacks along with their viscosity. It is observed from large primary and secondary sources of information that, designing of Industrial grade, lodging of firewall event along with proper maintenances will provide a high output to the JAMS manufacturing company.

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