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The play ‘Macbeth’ has many interesting sections which is concentrated on suspense and the inclusion of “supernatural”. The use of Supernatural in Macbeth can be found in witches, visions, apparitions, and ghost have a huge impact in the play, thereby making it more interesting. Towards the beginning of the play, there are three witches who were seen as predicting the fate of Macbeth. This creates a suspense and clue for the audience about the future of Macbeth. Overall, without the use of supernatural, Macbeth, would be a dull and tiresome play (Spurgeon, 2015).
The Witches were the symbol of evil and its involvement in the play reflects and haunting effect on the audience. The most striking voice off reflecting disorder and non-naturalness is of witches. According to the witch, Macbeth fate shows he will win the battle but by losing the time of victory. Even the lady Macbeth is also dependent on supernatural, which was cleared when she called the evil spirits to provide power for plotting the murder of Duncan. This act of the lady Macbeth is seen without any sense of her regret or conscience.Note that in the play, Macbeth actually desires the witches to tell about own mindset, but was afraid to acknowledge in the play. Shakespeare refers this as instruments of Darkness. The Witches were described as fore-tellers of the destiny in this play. They were also popularly known with the theme of “the weird sisters hand in hand”.
Another character which country is the super natural flavor in the play is the “air drawn dagger”. This character was pivotal in the play as it make Macbeth to reach victim. During one play, when the dagger approaches to Macbeth, it made the victim into delusions of his own fevered brain (Ray, 2017). The act shows that the dagger point towards the room of Duncan and is also shown masked with blood which gives another hunting impact on the audience.
Banquo’s ghost appearance in this play provides another understandingof the Macbeth's character. This character represent the supernatural symbol of the act, to which Macbeth was committed. Choose the level to which Macbeth's mind verse resist, especially when he react with horror after seeing the ghost. It would be justified to mention that Banquo’s ghost serves as a reminder of horror in the play. This is reflected in many scenes in which ghost unnerves Macbeth and gives a settlement to his consciousness, mainly when Macbeth was committed to gain the crown and would spilling the innocent blood (Purkiss, 2016).
Another character is “prophetic apparitions”; the first apparitions is the head of Macbeth whereas the second apparitions tells Macbeth that anyone born from a woman cannot harm her. This is important because it gives a false sense of being invisible. The third apparitions is the sonDuncan which is shown in the play as a child having a head crown (Rosenberg, 2015). This third one is followed by Birnam Wood prophecy and it bounces Macbeth a wisdom of security, which was false. The supernatural temptation in these three apparitions does not seems to be a bad thing as well as good either. 

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