Assignment explores the operational plans for annual human resource plans of Walmart including Enterprise Resource Plan

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Today, with increased globalization, majority of the organizations are planning for expansion. They want to set-up new branches and there increase the net sales of the organization. However, before expanding the branches in other parts of the world, it is found that there are several internal and external challenges present in the environment (Guerci & Shani, 2014). The top-level management thereby needs to utilize their strengths and overcome their weaknesses to achieve the desired objectives of expansion. The role of the Human Resources (HR) department is vital as they will not only be training the employees but will also be focusing on the annual operational plans of the organization. They will be formulating their strategies in a way that will align with the operational strategies of the organization. They will be looking after functions such as - recruitment of new employees for the new branches, training the existing employees so that they can perform at the global level, deploying new techniques and change management framework to improve the productivity levels of the organization, and also focusing on the needs of the employees so that the HR team can motivate them and make them perform as per the needs of the organization (Walk, Schinnenburg, & Handy, 2014). In the case of WalMart, the HR team is focusing on the aspects of globalization, setting up new stores in the Asian nations, and training employees on the required aspects so that they will complete the assigned tasks within the given timeframe.

Further, the top-level management of WalMart wants the HR team to train the employees on the new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) modules so that their working efficiency can be improved (Nienhueser, 2013). It will subsequently help the team to train the employees in this direction and improve the working efficiency in a given working environment. Through formulation of their annual operating plans, they will not only improve the HR processes but will also streamline the other business activities in a given challenging work environment. The HR team has also implemented performance analysis mechanisms to review the current strategies and make necessary changes wherever required.

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