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In the workplace, the regulations regarding the health and safety are the paramount of the wellbeing of the employees. In this study, a checklist is going to be prepared for the audit of Oman Air to understand the relevant standard and regulation of health and safety. Some methods are recommended to eliminate and control the hazards and risks in the workplace. In this task the hazards in the workplace is going to be identified to understand whether any improvement is needed or not. A checklist is going to be prepared for the audit in Oman Air. Knowledge and skills regarding the audit and relevant regulations and standards is going to be discussed. Some methods are recommended to eliminate the hazards.

Identification and assessment of hazards in workplace

The illness, injuries or any bad incident has been incorporated when there is lack of identification and recognition of the hazards in the workplace. As opined by Sheehan et al. (2016) some health  hazards can be occurred in Oman Air. Such as-

Fire: A clear evacuation procedure has to be mentioned in order to avoid any fire hazard. Slips and falls: Uneven surface of floor, wet floors, and cable trailing in the floors can be notified to the employees. Space: Proper space of the floors regarding height and area is mandatory in order to provide safety and welfare. Harassment and bullying Harassment and bullying comes under the health and safety issue as it can leads to healthy problems. Manual handling : Clear guidelines have to be mentioned for the manual handling of the flights. In order to identify the hazards in the workplace Oman Air can take some steps such as- The hazards which are takes place in the emergency time have to be considered. Investigation of the injuries and illness can be helpful to understand the underlying hazard in the organization Proper information of the workplace hazards and collecting them. Inspection of the workplace can be helpful for the workplace hazards.Whenever an incident occur investigation regarding that incident has to be organized. The severity of the incidents has to be determined to take action immediately. The mentioned approaches can be taken by the organization to avoid further injuries or illness of the employees. There can be hazards regarding the housekeeping in order to solve them the mentioned approaches can be taken into account. According to Loeppke et al. (2015), fixing the hazards can be beneficial for the organization regarding the health and safety in the workplace. The main motive of these approaches is to avoid any further incidents and maintain a proper working environment.


With the help of checklist the methodologies can be discussed as per the audit in the Oman Air (Oman Air, 2018).


Relevant standard or regulation

Government guidelines have implemented some rules, regulations and standards to eliminate the hazards in the workplace. The ministry of manpower issued a ministerial decision no 286/2008 in which the regulations are described about the health and safety are established as per the labor law (Oman law blog, 2012). The regulation provides a regulatory framework which aims to improve the health and safety hazards in the workplace. The regulation helps to protect the workers form the hazards which are incorporating in the workplace regarding health and safety. 43 articles are included in the regulation to avoid the hazards regarding health and safety in the workplace. A wide range of issues is included in the regulation such as- manual handling, noise, diseases, fire hazards, first aid, ventilation, protection equipments, work stress and others. The workplace can support the employee’s good health with the help of promotion of the healthy food, involved in physical activity, prohibited smoking and enhance the physiological health of the individuals. Safety issues in the workplace are included in the article 15 of the regulation which follows the guidelines of the government authority. The organization has to take necessary actions to provide protection to the employees. As opined by Magnavita (2017), the working environment has to be followed by the regulations to avoid further accidents. The employer has to train the employees with the best way of using the equipment. The signs have to be prominent and have to be relevant language by which they can be able to know about the prohibited areas. The regulation provides some specific measurements regarding the fire, electricity, manual handling, lighting and others to avoid such hazards. The organization must provide adequate lighting in the workplace to avoid any accident. The floors have to be maintained properly to avoid any falls and slips. As per the regulation the employees must be provided adequate potable water and food.


The audit and checklist which is mentioned above the overall view of the Oman air can be described. From the audit it has been shown that the organization has held a series one day training workshop regarding the health and safety hazards in the workplace. The organization aims diminish the hazards for the betterment of the employees (Oman Air, 2018). Oman air has implemented a risk assessment and control workshop. In the workshop some strategies has been taken with collaboration with other safety companies. Safety management systems (SMS) have been implemented with the help of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in the workshop which is named as risk assessment and control workshop (HIRAC). The training was organized by the general quality manager of the Oman Air in the year of 2013. According to Lay et al. (2016), the regulations regarding the health and safety hazards are intended to lessen the chances of accidents or bad incidents in the workplace. The space in the workplace is not friendly to the workers. The floors are not in good condition as a result it causes an accident in any time. Fire evacuation process is at its worst in this organization. The workers suffer from work stress as there are unusual timings of the work and some discrimination takes place in the organization. Some measures can be taken into account to avoid such incidents in the workplace. The workers are not being provided adequate rest to implement their work efficiently which causes work stress in them. Transport links are not provided to the workers by which they have to face some trouble during their shifting duties.

Conclusion and recommendation

Oman air is one of the largest airline chains in the world. In this study some measurements can be taken to avoid or remove the hazards regarding the health and safety hazards. In the words of Fabius et al. (2016), the organization has to follow the government guidelines and recommendations. Such as- The floors have to be maintained to avoid the uneven surface and the trailing cables on the floor. Effective guidelines have to be provided regarding the manual handling of the equipments to the workers to avoid any hazard. Efficient natural lighting along with artificial lighting has to be provided to diminish the chances of any accident in the workplace. The fire evacuation procedure has to be improved as there is lack of the procedure guidelines. The prohibited area has to be mentioned with the relevant language to the workers for their better understanding and avoid any language constraint. Some workshop can be organized to avoid any bullying or harassment in the organization to avoid discrimination and value the diversities. The organization has to provide adequate food and potable water to the workers as per the regulation. To protect the workers form the noise some sound insulated rooms can be provided and artificial ventilation system helps to provide fresh air.

In order to eliminate the problems some actions can be taken as per the Oman government regulations and act guidelines. In the year of 2008 the ministry of manpower has issued a decision to reduce the health and safety hazards in the workplace. The act and regulations aims to provide better facility to the workers by reducing the hazards in the workplace. Regulation of occupational safety and health has been established which is governed by the labour law of Oman. As opined by Horton et al. (2018), the regulation provided a regulatory framework which aims to reduce the hazards regarding health and safety of the workers. 43 articles are involved in this regulation including a wide range of issues such as- noise, fire, ventilation, first aid, equipments and others. In article number 15 the safety issue of workers is widely described where specific actions have to be taken by the organization to reduce the safety hazards.

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