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Prescribed Drugs with CAMs


From the last few decades, the popularity of complementary and alternative medicine becomes higher among the general people, as these can act as the additional or complementary dose to the conventional medicines. The natural and non-toxic complementary therapies are beneficial for the patients, as they can get rid from the pain and other side effects of chemical and drugs. This assignment is based on a case study of Mr. NX, and highlights the application of CAM and its relevant strategies for managing acute back pain.

Pharmacological Management Plan

CAMs Contraindicated with Current Prescriptions and diagnoses

Based on the medical perspectives, the term contraindication can be defined as a condition or situation, in which a surgical process, an equipment, or a drug cannot be applied for treating a person in order to avoid the risks of harm. On the other way, Chou et al. (2017) stated that the term contraindication is also used for representing some causative reasons, due to which certain medical processes would require to be uphold for eliminating the chances of harms to the patients. Evidence suggests that two types of contraindications have been observed, which are relative contraindications and absolute contraindications. The first one can occur while combining two different action-based drugs whereas the second one can impose life-threatening risk to the patient. For example, range of drugs might develop allergenic reactions in case of high blood pressure people or pregnant women. In case of the prescribed drugs of Mr. NX, contraindications might be occurred among the conventional medicines and CAMS. 

According to the clinical evidence, Lisinopril can react with antidepressant materials, which is present in Kava Kava. Besides this, NSAIDs, one of the most essential medicine for managing chronic back pain, can react with Lisinopril. Apart from this, Mr. NX has past history of high blood pressure, which can be affected through the consumption of Coumadin. Therefore, it can be assumed that rechecking about the concept of contraindication among the prescribed drugs and the CAM therapies is necessary for eliminating any types of adversities (Hartvigsen et al. 2018). 

Prescription for Back Pain

According to the case study, for controlling his past medical complications, some drugs are prescribed for Mr. NX, such Lisinopril 20 mg every day, Coumadin 5 mg daily, and Glyburide 3 mg every day during breakfast. During the investigation, he has stated that he started exercising with one of his body builder friend from around 3 weeks ago. According to the suggestion of his friend, he started taking Creatinine for building muscle, Coenzyme Q10 as antioxidant, garlic for lowering blood pressure, and Kava Kava for controlling anxiety.However, since Mr. NX has suffered from the chronic back pain from the last 10 years, therefore, application of only conventional medicines or only CAM therapies might not be sufficient for him. Besides this, a chance of contraindication is also present according to the analysis of his prescribed drugs and CAM treatment processes. Therefore, it can be stated that some changes in the prescriptions of Mr. NX is necessary, which would be described in the following part. 

Changes in Prescribed Drugs

In order to support the improvement process of Mr. NX, it is necessary to use some medicines for managing and reducing the level of back pain including the tightness and dull ache. Based on the government reports, it can be stated that among every four Americans, there is one-person experiencing lower back pain, especially in the age range of 45 (Morone et al. 2016). However, in case of Mr. NX, since the reason behind his back pain is not still revealed, therefore, not all types of medicines can be applied in this case. Besides this, since he has some past medical problems, therefore, it is necessary to assess his present medical conditions prior to apply the pain relief medications. As mentioned earlier, since Mr. NX has several past medical complexities, like type II diabetes, high blood pressures, and recurrent DVTs, therefore, complete dependency on the conventional medicines is not accurate for him. Besides this, based on his present clinical condition, medicines like Ibuprofen, categorised in non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), can help in reducing the level of pain. However, NSAIDs can react with Lisinopril; therefore, these two drugs cannot be used together (Gagnier et al. 2016).For avoiding such types of contraindication effects, Mr. NX can use codeine as an alternative one. Since this is also a type of NSAID, therefore, Mr. NX can follow combination of several types of analgesic, for avoiding the usage of NSAIDs. 

In this case, for controlling the health conditions of Mr. NX, different complementary and alternative therapies can be administered. For example, kava kava, which is used as an antidepressant element, can be used in this case for managing the negative impacts of high blood pressure. As stated by Black et al. (2015), Kava is a type of plant belong from the tropical climates, and through the consumption of kava, people can feel pleasant sensation and relaxing influences over their nerves. Besides this, creatinine can also be used for controlling high blood pressure, and toning the muscles of body. Apart from the above discussion, it is required to change the conventional drugs in minimum level and increase the incorporation of alternative medicines and therapies. Such as according to the case study, coenzyme Q10 can act as muscle builder component and antioxidant respectively. Besides this, it is required to align the medication with proper physical exercises, such stress busters, breathing exercises, back exercises, and stretches (Carvalho et al. 2016). 

Strategies for Evaluating Side/Adverse Effects

In order to eliminate the adversities and side effects of the medicines, drugs, and CAM therapies, Mr. NX can first try to assess the reason behind his back pain. This assessment can help him in understanding the proper drugs required for him. However, in case of unassessed condition, the combinations of Lisinopril and Kava would not be used as this can affect the physical health condition. Apart from this, combination of NSAIDs and Lisinopril would also be avoided for managing the adversities. As stated by Cherkin et al. (2016), various types of CAM therapies would also be processed with proper equipment as well as technical supports. 

Strategies for Evaluating Effectiveness

The effectiveness of the medication and CAM process can be evaluated through assessing the pain documentations, such as quality, severity, location, onset, relieving and precipitating factors. It is also necessary to focus on different signs and symptoms associated with chronic back pain, such as weakness, irritability, agitation, depressions, anxiety, and disturbance. Evaluation of effectiveness can also be performed by assessing the beliefs of the patients about pain relief. The appropriate application of pharmacological and non-pharmacological approaches, such as conventional medicines and CAMs in case of Mr. NX, can be evaluated. Besides this, as stated by MacPherson et al. (2017), in order to understand the effectiveness, it is also necessary to focus on fulfilling the capacities of daily activities.


Therefore, based on the above discussion, it can be stated that application of complementary and alternative medicines is required to be applied in those cases, where conventional medicines are. The term complementary and alternative medicines can often be replaced with integrative medicine, as it can help in improving the strengths or power of the traditional medication processes. However, the main issue of applying CAM is absence of evidence-based approaches. Since clinicians still cannot understand the evidential approach and the concept of contraindication between the conventional and alternative treatment process, therefore, it can be stated that it is required to do further researches over this topic. 

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