List and explain the six (6) Strategic Alignment Maturity Criteria

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List and explain the six (6) Strategic Alignment Maturity Criteria

  • communications, 
  • competency/value, 
  • governance, 
  • partnership, 
  • scope and architecture, 
  • and skills


It deals about the understandability of business and technical staff. Technical or IT staff as well as business staff needs to connect and communicate frequently. Communication is most important for the company to align all its stakeholders on the track. Company need to communicate effectively with vendors, partners, suppliers and more.  The knowledge gained from the business and business processes needs to be shared with targets effectively. 


It is deals about how company measures its performance as well as value. After completing the project or processes, it needs to evaluate its success or failure to capture what went right or wrong. Companies need to improve their internal process to successfully execute the project. 


The projects undertaken in the organization need to support the business strategy.   


IT and business departments need to have partnership and trust to share their processes and rewards. 

Scope and architecture 

The scope of IT in the business architecture is dealt in this section. It describes at what level, the IT support supports for business processes. 


It analyses the skills of staff. It is essential that, business staff needs to understand the ad follow up the technical concepts as well as technical staff needs to understand the business processes and strategies to properly align IT and business. 

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