What role can a CIO play in attaining strategic alignment?

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Describe the role of a modern CIO. How has it changed over time? What role can a CIO play in attaining strategic alignment?

CIO is the responsible person in an organisation to manage. implement, usability of computer and information technologies. Technologies are reshaping the industries globally. The role of CIO is increased. CIO analyses how the different and modern technologies can give benefit for the current business process and how to integrate those technologies into business. 

The role of CIO has changed over time. Traditional companies have internal computers, communication systems and databases. That time CIO acts as technical role. Modern trend is equipped with cloud computing , big data, IoT. CIO need to find strategies to keep the business competitive. One of the major responsibilities of CIO is to predict the future of technology trends that will give advantages for business.  

There are three forces influencing the CIO roles and responsibilities such as 

Executive attitudes

Application portfolio

Dominant suppliers

CIO roles

Mainframe era

Operational manager 

Distributed era

Organisational designer

Web based era

Highly mobile and turn over

Must deliver solutions rapidly and effectively 


Align and leverage to emerging technologies

Leading the culture shift to the embrace data 

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