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The study of this assignment will be focusing on the answering the given questions from the case study provided. Hence, overviews of the case study of the OnePlus: Crossing the Chasm in the Smartphone Market. Hence, recommendations will be provided about the varied approaches, which should be taken with reference to the value proposition and positioning. Followed by, the study emphasized on the distribution channels, communication plan for marketing, marketing theory in details.


1.1 Provide recommendations about the approaches that should be taken in context with the value proposition and positioning.

By over viewing of the case study provided it has been found that target group of OnePlus was been categorized in to two groups such as the customers belonging from the age groups of social teenagers of fourteen to twenty-five years of age and business enthusiast of twenty-six to thirty-five years of age (Payne, Frow and Eggert, 2017). Therefore, it was found that the individuals belonging to the fourteen to twenty-five years of age bought the smart phone due to its excellent features and its style. On the other hand, the smart phone was bought by the individuals of the age group of twenty-six to thirty-five years of age for the features the smart phone offered and for conducting their regular works and for using the internet as well. Hence, the recommendations about the approaches that is required to be taken with reference to the value proposition and positioning as follows:

             The first target group of customers being the social teenagers it is necessary for the company to gather to feedbacks about the devices that they are using and their preferences. This will help in identifying the current trend and what features are attracting the current generations

             It is recommended that in case any issues occur while using the smart phone, they can immediately receive help from the help center of OnePlus

             It is recommended that the feedbacks from the customers should be implemented by the company in order to meet the requirements of the customers and enhance their sale at the same time

             What should “Never Settle” stand for in the future?

             According to the value proposition and positioning strategy followed by OnePlus, it is found that the company aims in focusing on the design and its features in order to provide a complete user experience to its users such as the social teenagers and business enthusiast. Hence, through their slogan Never Settle they have been spreading their brand awareness among their target customers. They have been offering the smart phones within the reasonable price range, which can be afforded by all target groups of customers and thus will help the company to sustain and continue their ownership by innovating on the cutting edges.

The slogan of OnePlus thus, tend to draw the attention of their customers by promising to strive to provide the best experience for the users and continue to do so in future. As per them, they believe in satisfying the customers and incorporate their preferences for delivering the best smart phone. Along with this, it was found that customers were interested in buying the smart phones, which consists of more features rather than the quality. However, OnePlus were determined to maintain the quality in order to provide the best experience for its users.


2.1 What mix of distribution channels and partners do you think OnePlus should use?

From the case study it has been found that OnePlus for reaching out to the maximum customers has been planning to address and promote their brand and their products using various kinds of distribution channels such as discussed in the sections below:

             Through online retailers/ direct or via internet: It has been evident that OnePlus has successfully expanded its sales and market in India through the strategic partnership with Amazon. Therefore, it can be recommended that the company use the same strategy in United States for expanding its market. This will help in identifying the appropriate marketing campaigns, followed by implementing the suitable pricing strategy and successfully initiate the sales process.

             Via service providers: The OnePlus can increase its sale by availing their products to various mini stores, which will be initiating marketing campaigns for selling the products. This will allow the company to compete with the other brands and determine how the company has been functioning.

             Existing Brick and Mortar electronic retailers/ dealer: The products should be distributed to the brick and mortar stores for the customers who do not like to shop online and prefer to see the products before they buy it. This will help the company to initiate campaigns in order to spread their brand awareness and identify the preferences of their potential customers.

 2.2 Should it stay online only or should it expand to its customers through physical retailers?

It can be said that OnePlus should not only available online for its customers. Hence, OnePlus should expand its availability through offline resources at the same time. During the study of the demographic population of the countries where OnePlus has been sold rapidly it can be found that many of the customers tend to prefer and buy their smart phones through offline resources. This will help the customers to compare the smart phone with the other smart phones and then buy it accordingly. It is also evident that the physical retailers will help the company to determine the sale of the smart phones in the offline markets.


Marketing Communication Plan

Situational Analysis

The situational analysis of One plus is that it is a developing mobile company with different aspects of future development and growth through proper marketing communication plan. 


The main objective to adopt a proper marketing communication plan is to effectively empower the companies to reach the mainstream customer segment in a prominent manner


 The main current strategies implemented by one plus to develop its marketing communication plan are mainly to popularize its products and features through online publication and social media. One plus also undertook several traditional strategies like print media and billboard advertising.

Mix between traditional and digital channels

There are many marketing communication channels and perspectives that is implemented by One plus. Some of the basic traditional communication channels adopted by One plus is to build billboards and posters. Traditional methods are mostly undertaken so that the products of the company reach to every common person. However, the company also adopted some of the digital channel methods of effectively increasing its marketing communication plans like building a concrete base on the digital media platform and social platforms. The company also increased its digital channel by employing several advertising methods and digital hoardings to attract the attention of the customers. Mainly the basic objective that is ultimately followed by the company of one plus is to attract both customers of different age groups through traditional and digital channel communication method One plus also empowered and increased its digital channel by online retailers and digital billboards. Similarly, it also increased the traditional communication marketing plans by creating several brick and mortar electronic retailer to attract its customers (Batra and Keller, 2016).

Emphasis on Media Channels

One plus also implemented several measures to increase the marketing communication plan and one of which is to create a great emphasis on the several media channels. The company undertook several prospects to reach the mainstream customers like by providing print media pamphlets and advertising methods in social media platforms. The company also focused on several methods of implementation on online media channels mainly as most of the young generations in these days are hooked to online media platforms. To attract a large base of customers the company also ensured to showcase its features through several discounts and offers in the online media platforms (Killian and McManus, 2015).



4.1 While growing into a bigger global player how will OnePlus can remain true to its roots?

While growing bigger global player OnePlus is determined to stay true to its roots and follow their vision of “Never Settle”. This will help to encourage them to overcome all the issues that will be faced by the brand while conducting its business (Arike, 2015). As per Lau, he is determined to remain focused on enriching in providing good quality products to its users. This will in return help in increasing the sale of the smart phones among every generations and it will further help in spreading the goodwill of the brand from the word of mouth as well.  On the other hand, Pei believes that over viewing the market demand of the OnePlus smart phone, the company will be further investing on developing appropriate marketing strategies for promoting the products and spreading about the facilities that are being provided through it. The company will be able to remain true to its roots if the overall management of the company can work together and face every issue that had tendency of restrict the ongoing workflow of the company.

 4.2 Provide recommendation about the aspects of the brand and culture should stay during the growth

It is evident that the OnePlus has provided itself by consisting of having employees employed from nineteen different countries and prided itself as having open culture and bias free.

             Thus, it is recommended that the aspects such as the social media platforms and the other online and offline platforms of the OnePlus should remain united in order to increase their workflow and survive in the current competitive market.

             Followed by effective communication should be done among all the members of the company and among the stakeholders as well while planning g and developing any strategies for enhancing the quality of the product and for determining the applicable strategies for its marketing.

             The organizational culture of the company is recommended to be abided by all the workforce working within the company

             The employees of the company should be rewarded after successful completion of the projects that are being initiated by them

             For effectively spreading the market demand of the smart phones of OnePlus across countries globally, it is recommended that a market survey should be conducted in order to understand the preferences and the economic condition of the region. This will help the company to develop the marketing strategy accordingly


Marketing Theory

For effective marketing to be done OnePlus can implement the 7P’s of the marketing mix theory in order to conduct an effective marketing for staying focused on its mission and accomplishing the goal of the company. Considering the 7P’s of the marketing mix will be beneficial for the company as the company strive to take part in the competition of the current market of the smart phone industries. The company is determined to focus on the enriching the quality of the products along with satisfying the demands made by its customers and adding of the additional features.

Further, to continue the stability of the sale and the publicity of the brand the marketing theory adopted by the OnePLus smart phone company and the benefits that will be gained are discussed in the section given below. The 7P’s of the marketing mix consist of as follows:


Product being the main outcome of the company, hence the development of the products should be focused on. Therefore, the product should be able to meet all the demands of the customers and make them satisfied with the services that will be provided through it. Good products will be able to draw the attention of the customers and increase their customer bases.


Place being one of the important factors while conducting of the business in specific region are required to be examined previously. This will help in developing the strategies that will be able to attract the individuals of that specific region easily. Therefore, proper place will be helpful in attracting the appropriate target groups, which will be resulting in the increase of the sale of the brand.


Price being the most important factor for both the company and the customers for selli8ng and buying of the particular products should be set accordingly. Depending on the economic condition of the country the pricing of the products is required to done so that every individual can afford the product in hassle free manner (Jin, Kim and Kim, 2015).


It is considered to be important to promote any new products that are out in the market for the customers. Proper and effective promoting will help the customers to be getting an idea of the products and the benefits that will be provided to them if they use those specific products.


People or the workforces are the important for conducting the smooth workflow to be carried within the company from initiating, planning and until its completion of the products and availing them to the customers. On the other hand, people also consist of the target customers who tend to avail the products and benefit the company by increasing their sale.


The processes are also a constant factor present within the marketing mix. Processes helps in tracking the orders until it is being delivered to its proper customers. It also involves the payment procedures available, and how the customers will be tending to pay for the products.

Physical Evidence

Providing physical evidence is considered to be an essential factor as it will help the customers to trust on the particular product and its originality. This will benefit the company as well.


From the study done above, it helped in obtaining in depth knowledge about the market of the OnePlus as compared with the other smart phone brand. Followed by identification of the target market of the OnePlus and what are the strategies that are being followed by the company in order to expand its sale and expand its market globally.


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