Discuss the importance of change management in the implementation of strategy?

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Question:- Discuss the importance of change management in the implementation of strategy. What should be considered when planning for organizational change, and how can resistance be dealt with?

Change management in IT organization helps employees to understand and think forward for this commitment.

Develop the key KPI for measuring the change management

Create the list of responses from people (Positive or negative).

It is highly unpredictable environment as the changes are being implemented.

Conner Positive response to the changes

Initially there will be uncertainty, high doubt. Later with public and private parties there is high hope scope for increase the confidence and then full completion.

Role of Stakeholder in change implementation is key for success.Change Sponsor, Change agent, Change target roles important during the implementation. Hence keeping all the stakeholder informed and well communicated will help for high success rate.

Resistance towards to change management

Loss of control due to different people view and high conflict of interest over the changes.

High ego between people

Competing Commitments between individual on the change implementation,

Overcoming the change implementation resistance

Need to highlight the benefits about the change

Provide rewards and appreciation for their efforts

Perform the introspection on the changes done.

Need the people commitment and take responsibility role

Need to prepare the organization for creating the change in large angle

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