The questions need to respond- ethical issues a researcher exploring Out of Sight & the Growth of Jails in Rural America

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Responding to Questions

1. Explain the relationship between theory and research. How are they linked? Provide at least two examples, with citations and references, to support the response.

As stated by Hutchings & Jarvis (2012), it can be evidently considered that the relationship between theory and research is dialectic. It has also been considered that theory has a tendency to determine the kind of data that is to be collected and the research presents the findings that provide substantial amount of challenges to the theories that have been already accepted. The close connection between them can be established with the help of a proper discussion of their functions. For example, if a theory initiates the idea that emotional support provided by a particular person’s significant other is the answer for their compliance with the nursing care plan then the research data is to be collected based on the extent of emotional support provided by the spouses. Another example can be considered is that of the factors that are influencing a patient’s compliance with the care plans, then the research data is to be collected based on the perceptions of the individuals of why they were avoiding to follow the plan (Hutchings & Jarvis, 2012).

2. Ethics and Politics in Research. What ethical issues a researcher exploring Out of Sight: The Growth of Jails in Rural America might encounter? What political considerations should be taken into account when performing this type of research?

A researcher exploring this situation must have to maintain a sense of privacy that is being indulged in this particular situation is to collected data from the victims in a very pivotal manner. For the ethical consideration, they have to make sure that the victims or their families should not be asked the kind of questions that hurts their sentiments and at the same time, make sure that the accused prisoner is not being harassed for generating enough amount of information on the growth of invoking justice among the American population (Riley et al., 2017). Some of the political situations that must be taken into consideration comprise of the relationship with the government officials. The researcher must have enough contacts with the members of state governing body to gain access to the information. Since, the researcher has to follow the orders of the government body, it is essential that the ideology has been proposed in a vital manner and that they have managed to maintain a sense of compliance with every individual concerned.

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