Assignment is for The Growth of Jails in Rural America is the key topic, Research context &should include some reference

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The Growth of Jails in Rural America

Answer 1

In the research topic of the “the Growth of Jails in Rural America” the research question which has been designed is blinded and unblended. It has considered the total number of the cross religion people which have been detained, along with reasons and for how many years. Through the databases and the primary research, it was found within rural America there are approximately 3,283 jails. The main reason founded was the mass incarceration. The research design was also considered from the literature, books, magazines and the secondary data resources (Barab, 2016). It was also important to rely on upon the telephonic interviews to consider the implications. For example, the implication was considered of the research trends. The next example is of the first time pre-trials people and the last example is of the cultural and ethnic groups. All this helped in building a constructive theory around the research design and provided concrete evidence.

Answer 2

In the research proposal, the main consideration is the key topic, Research context and should include some references and the literature review.  It also needs to have a research question which needs to be answered well by the research design. Each research question needs to be supported with core evidence to answer the same (Hevner, 2015). It should also include a bibliography, which details about the various authors consider while doing the specific research proposal. It should have a valid background and rationale of considering such research topic, research methodology and finally a plan of work and a schedule to deliver the same. It should also have a thesis statement, outcome and well-constructed conclusion. It would help in delivering as per the research topic and can be balanced with proposal design. Any supporting analysis and findings can be mentioned the same in the research proposal.

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