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A brief overview of the way language influences culture in general.

Language is the best mode of expressing an individual’s thought and views to the other person. According to research, it is found that inherent structures in every type of language has the ability to shape an individual’s thinking process without his or her realisation. Moreover, it is also seen that variation in language type influence people though their behaviour and interpretation of their surroundings. For example, in Brazil the Piraha tribe does not hold any word for numbers such as 1 0 or 100, but have their own words like few or many. For this reason they are unable to maintain the track of accurate quantities. Thus, learning different language will help in knowing more and in detail about other different culture. It is evident that people having same language have different cultural style, as culture changes much quickly as compared to language (Stewart, & Strathern, 2017).     

Brief overview of the language that is unique to your culture in light of your research. 

In the present context, Spanish language has been compare with the English language and culture. Both the Spanish language and English language are contradictory in terms of culture and meaning. It is observed that the noun in Spanish language have gender. They usually assign gender to all of the object while speaking and writing. Their noun is always accompanied with either masculine ‘el’ or feminine ‘la’ to specify the gender. The Spanish language can easily use negation by putting ‘no’ before any word, which is not found in English language. Spanish people use very few prepositions in their language, unlike the English people. They just use the word ‘en’ as a preposition, leaving a case of ambiguity for other people (Sonnenschein, Metzger, Dowling, 2017).   

Pick 3 well-known idioms from the culture you are researching (an idiom is a phrase or manner of speaking that is unique to a particular group) 

Idioms are the commonly used phrases used in in both written as well as spoken language. The three common idioms used in English language are:

Speak of the devil- this idiom is used someone is actually just talking of someone else and that person just actually turns up at that. This phrase is used when the person coincidentally comes about whom the discussion is going on. This phrase is used as a part of fun or joke. 

The best of both worlds- this phrase is used to define somebody that he or she can enjoy the two available opportunities at the same time. It is phrase is generally is used in a good sense to motivate and encourage the person.  

To kill two birds with one stone- it idiom is one of the most commonly used phrase which means to solve the two problem at once with the help of a single solution. When people two advantage from their single action they often use this phrase.

How it is unique due to unique history, values, beliefs, or environment of the culture you are studying. 

The history of English language was since the arrival of the three Germanic tribes who stated to invade Britain during 5th century AD. The tribes expanded from Denmark and the Northern Germany. During that period Britain people use to speak Celtic language, who were later thrown out by the invaders. The tribe introduced language named as Englisc which further gave the words ‘English’ and ‘England’ (Van Gelderen, 2014). From 1600, the colonization of North America further created a distinct American range of English. American English is much similar to that used by Shakespeare rather than the modern British English. 

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