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Time management helps in effectively aligning and coordinating tasks and activities which can help to deliver the maximum efficient results. This is related with the individual's efforts (Kirillov, 2015). It is also a step to work in line with the purpose of time management that can effectively coordinate with the people and deliver better results within less time.

As time streamlines and is considered to be a valuable source of money, time needs to be managed irrespective of the resources, By wasting time, we are actually wasting an opportunity and the valuable resources, We should synchronize with the effective tools and techniques which can allow an effective time management in the same manner.  Not adhering to time means inefficiently managing time and wasting incredible valuable resource.

The steps include an effective time management is to set goals. This is the first step which relates to the goals of the vision, focus and also relates to the destination that can work towards the set goals. Then the next step is to prioritize, keeping a task list, scheduling the tasks, focusing on one task with respect to time, ensuring a minimize distractions and also overcoming the challenge of the procrastination and taking minimum breaks. Following such steps can ensure effective time management (Oettingen, 2015).


Through the good time management, it helps to deliver and accomplish more results which can be achieved within a shorter span of time. Effective time management means effective time to balance the work and the free time. This also addresses the advantage of learning opportunities and results in lowering the stress. Time management allows a better focus that can inculcate into a better career success. It also helps to derive an effective time management that can focus on better aspects of life.

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