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It is quite justified to consider 3M (3M, 2018), the industrial manufacturing organization as an ethical organization. The employee policies in the organization are quite ethical and they do follow honesty in their commitment to the ethics.  The company remained good in personal accountability. The company has leaders, who do encourage employees taking up sound decisions in accordance with the ethical values. Further there are quite good ethical decisions taken by the company from time to time to follow the spirit of the program. As per Ethisphere (Althouse,2016), 3M is ranked as the most ethical company in the world for about 4 times consecutively. 3M, the industrial manufacturing company practices are totally guided by ethical principles at the workplace. The company business conduct is expected to encourage the strong tone at the top by leading by example practices. They have an exclusive business conduct team directly reporting to the board of the directors to enable autonomy in the enforcement of the business conduct and ethical compliance in the organizational functionality. The company has utmost commitment to its vision. The company is committed to innovation and will promote innovation in the product design as well in the manufacturing lines of the organization. If any one is inclined to contribute their best in the R&D services, they are provided with the same emulments and the bonuses inline with the mangers who do move up the career positions with experience. The company do commit for what they promise and there is never any complaint from any employee of the organization regarding the breach of ethics and promise. Inspite of having huge expansion in the recent years the company sticked to its core philosophy of ethical compliances in all its endeavours. The company is being driven by corporate integrity, character and transparency and these factors are the key building blocks of the core company profile. The key factors that allowed me to classify 3M as the ethical company are its ethics and compliance programs, citizenship and corporate responsibility, culture of ethics, governance and leadership. Further innovation and reputation to commit for the same, further contributing to its ethical image.

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