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Learning Experience: Swimming

Throughout my life, I have heard numerous learning experiences that have changed my life. I can remember a lot of multiple activities that changed my life completely. This was due to the way my teachers used to come up with different teaching effective and easy method that was easy to understand. One of my best learning experiences came from my swimming teacher.  Swimming was one of the scariest and hardest things I have ever imagined that I would like to be associated with. I was so afraid of swimming, not only swimming but to be in contact with water. I was too much afraid of water, but I took the initiative to learn the important skill of swimming.  I used to see my friends swim, but since I never took the interest to swim, I just watched them swim. I thought that swimming would make me physically stronger and therefore I took the initiative to swim.

 That day when I decided that I would learn to swim, I was a bit nervous, but my inner heart gave me some encouragement to soldier on. Due to the anxiety, I went to the pool earlier than the agreed time and went straight to the bathing suit. I then changed and waited for the teacher and some of the students that we were to be trained with to arrive. While waiting, I decided to walk around the pool to see how the pool looks like with too much caution. I saw some writings “Deep end”   which later I realized that was the deep side of the swimming pool.

 So the teacher came together with the other students. He then introduced himself to us while giving me some water wings for me to put one so that I stay afloat. Since some of the other students had already taken some classes, they just jumped into the swimming pool and splashed some water on us. This made me feel so cold because I never saw it coming. We were taken to the shallow end of the swimming pool while the teacher started to show us how to hold the kickboard. This was done one by one; I hold the board while the pulled it through the water.

 I must admit that learning how to swim is not an easy task. And with the way I usually see people drowning on TV made me fear for my life, luckily my teacher was around. I really disturbed my teacher since I was not able to float on water for quite a long time. However, due to the patient, my teacher had on me I was able to learn swimming for four weeks. He made me concentrate more on my legs and the arm strokes which enabled me to feel comfortable while swimming. After gaining some confidence and being taught some moves, I was now able to feel stable on water and have that ability to shoot across the water.

 Learning swimming is a difficult task more so when you have a teacher that is not patient with you. Luckily, I got a teacher that was patient in me and with my persistence it paid off. My success was not only learning swimming but also having that ability to conquer fear. Whenever am faced in a new environment swimming has helped me learn that I should not be afraid. If I get to any unique situation, I may feel uncomfortable in the beginning, but with my skills getting better I will feel more comfortable and get my skills better. This was one of my most significant learning experiences not only for swimming but for my life.


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