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Everything in life happens for a reason, and this is one of the many principles of life that I strongly believe. I am of the conviction that the occurrences in my life have a purpose,are lessons, or are meant to guide me.I also feel that bad things happen to good people for a legitimate course, and God does it to make them better rather than punish them. This notion contradicts Kushner’s belief that adverse events should not happen to good people (Kushner, 2004). Many negative occurrences have transpired against me, and their impacts have helped me become the person I am today because they have shaped my character.

My journey to choosing a nursing career wasfull of bad experiences, which influenced my decision regarding the suitable profession. I have had harrowing experiences of people close to me suffering due to a poor healthcare system or negligence by medical practitioners. For instance, one of my aunts was misdiagnosed with cancer, and the recommended treatment resulted in her death. There is also a childhood friend who was involved in an accident; however, he died after a surgery was wrongly done due to the doctor’s negligence. I could not understand why such bad things happened to good people,while the wicked ones prospered(Kushner, 2004). Later, I understood that they occurred to close individuals to inspire me to engage in actions that could prevent the suffering of others. 

These experiences led me to consider attempting changing the healthcare system to alleviate the suffering of others.There is a probability that I would not have chosen a career in nursing if I never had those experiences. Therefore, everything in life happens for a reason, but not as a punishment by God for one’s wrongdoings.

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