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Evidence Project Review

In a scenario, it is important to deal with the evidence-based practice course and while accessing the EBP project draft, it is important to evaluate all the related research methods and citations. If at all, I happen to see the research conducted is not adhering to the framework which has been outlined or even been cited correctly, it is important to step in and discuss the matter.

In such a scenario, I would further explain the challenge of the integrity which is also a cornerstone of the given research (Rosseter, 2014). This also conjugates how it would help to tackle the complex interweave which would help the researcher to weave his research. Without equally citing or acknowledging the methods, it would lead the research to fall apart in unanticipated and undesirable ways. It is important to know all the methodology, hardware and the acknowledgment of the work, which has allowed the researcher to significantly conclude certain pointers. Without the proper citation, it leads to challenging the academic misconduct and integrity. It is taking some other people to work and without even acknowledging the correct picture of the scenario. It needs to be abided with the help of the proper communications which would help to attain a which follows a delicate bond of trust and honesty. This would certainly exist between the researcher, university and the related audience who wish to overview the research report.

By conducting a research and through the correct citation it would help the virtue of unexplored or even help to address the unanticipated nature which can help to tackle the complex, multi-faceted issues. It is important to note that such issues would not briefly require a milestone or a site that would help to revisit the new data unless it becomes available. It is important to have a prior experience, family, culture or even help to build up the religious beliefs that can allow acknowledging the consensus with respect to our own peers. It would also help the researches to keep a view which can allow a time with respect to the different viewpoints and/or action which governs around them. Through the citation or the proper acknowledgment of the method it would help to face the situation of think, act and even understand when faced with the new, unfamiliar even the complex ideas and situations (. All this would help to address the sidestep problems which can even become a possible/practical or even make it a part of the wise decisions which can help to overcome the challenges when arise. This would be a long-term equip that can signify the act with moral leadership which would address the complex challenges with respect to modern research through the method of wisdom, compassion, and personal integrity (Billings, 2015).

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