Current review is about character, Emily in the novel A Rose for Emily confronts several kinds of oppositions in society

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What does the character confront that must be endured and/or changed?  What is the message that the author means to show us about the human condition?

The character, Emily in the novel “A Rose for Emily” confronts several kinds of opposition or negligence from the society and also from her loved one. With time the character experiences bitter truth about humans as well and also sees their real face. It is in the time of crisis that the character, Emily experiences the truth about humanity and also gathers a deep understanding of the truth which can be said to be an essential part of life. Emily as a character also has several layers and that also has a conflicting idea in it. The gradual change of Emily from a lively person to that of a woman living in an enclosed house is also a part of her experience that brings in several aspects or meanings. However the further analysis of the character and also the speech by Faulkner will help in addressing the confrontations or the endurance of the character and also the message of the author about human condition.

The confrontation of Emily here brings in the very notion of “human vs. society” conflict. This is something that Emily had to endure and could not bring a change into this. Emily is seen to be secluded from the society and is also seen to be a character that is perceived to be ambiguous by the people in the society. The society sees her with pity and sympathy and this is something that is related to the human vs. society conflict since Emily does not want that and seeks for appetence. However the rejection from her lovers is also something that she endured since with passing time she lost her charm and the number of suitors also decreased. The way Homer Barron rejected their marriage proposal is also an endurance of despair from Emily’s end against hope that she had as a human.

Emily as a character also endured human criticism and this is something that is related with the notion of “human vs. self” conflict. Emily as a character is based on some ideals that include her own dominance, herself controlling ways of life and also her mysterious or unpredictable ways of life. These are some of the basic traits of her character and in the same way she is seen to lead her life in the novel but often is subjected to criticism and has been a topic for the gossip mongers. This very experience brought about a conflict between the “self” and that of the “humans” since her ways of life is not truly accepted by the humans and is often referred to as “eccentric”. However in order to change this very prospect about the humans around her in the town she enclosed herself in the house after the death of her father and hardly had any connections with the people in the town. 

It is through this novel that the author, Faulkner talks about the human condition that is filled with conflicting ideas and how that impacts the individual. The speech by Faulkner also points out the fact that how through negativity one can achieve something big. The author here shows us that how human condition can change with respect to time and how the conflicting or the contrasting ideas can impact the human condition and bring about some change in the prospect. Faulkner points out that human are subject to change and this very change is actually prompted by the contrasting ideas like that of hope and despair, love and lust, pity and pride and many others. The author says that humans are destined to endure many unexpected things in life but that does not mean he should calmly accept those. Rather he needs to “prevail” so that his existence can be worthwhile and is of major significance. 

The condition of “Emily” is also likewise where she strives not to endure but to prevail and it is through her courageous steps and ways of life or the spirit of heart that she does so. The message here is about the existence of humans that happens through compassion, endurance and sacrifice since a human spirit only has the ability to do so. The story of the novel also stands by this concept where Emily also rises above the horror, the uncertainties of life and the undefined ways of life to give her a distinct identity and to stand by it. The author’s purpose of writing the story is mainly to show human condition and the various layers of it that otherwise remains hidden. 

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