This study focuses on the practicum experience gathered through this organisation, & its application for the development

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1.0 Introduction

MedGlobal is a renowned medical organisation operating internationally, committed to providing health services to people in need, such as displaced persons or refugees. MedGlobal comprises a working environment of volunteers of medical and public health, from diverse backgrounds. This study focuses on the practicum experience gathered through this organisation, and its application for the development of a career in public health. 

2.0 Summary of practicum experience

The practicum experience I have gathered from being a part of MedGlobal Inc. has served as a vital component in the development of my public health career. I have mostly volunteered in the clinical section or the clinical site for MedGlobal. The role I played had focused on providing aid to the individuals in need such as displaced persons and refugees, which occurs at the clinical site. The other site consists of a donation site, which is not directly involved in dealing with the individuals in need. The clinical site had facilities for running a number of necessary tests, in order to ascertain the ailments occurring to the individuals. Furthermore, as a volunteer for providing public health services I have cared for the individuals coming in the clinic. Additionally, I have administered medicines and other nursing provisions with the aid of trained medical professionals. 

3.0 Application of theory into practical work during the practicum experience

One of the major theories, which I have been able to implement in my career as a public health professional in MedGlobal, is the Theory of Antisepsis by Joseph Lister. The medical conditions of the people that MedGlobal serves often involve the risk of sepsis, and the provision of antisepsis, along with the development of the concept regarding the theory or the origin of antisepsis has proven to be effective in this regards (Tröhler, 2015). The functioning of the human body, along with the infestation of the disease, and the appropriate approach to the injury prevalent in the body is understood through the aforementioned theory (Tansey, 2017). Implementing this particular theory in the practical treatment of patients suffering from sepsis or potential risks of sepsis have aided in the development of my knowledge regarding the issue. 

In addition to that, a social theory known as social constructionism have been studied and applied in this field. For instance, the role of comprehending self-identity is an significant characteristic among individuals or the patients at MedGlobal (Burr, 2018). The construction of social ideas and concepts of oneself is subject to the existence of brute facts (Manojlovich, Squires, Davies & Graham, 2015). I have witnessed people with a crisis regarding their self-identity as a result of the social circumstances they find themselves in. This has predominantly the case with displaced persons as well refugees, who MedGlobal aims at serving.  

4.0 Important lessons learnt and applicability in the public health career

One of the major lessons that I have learnt and applied to my career as a public health professional can be considered as the social aspects and their relevance in the psychological state of the patients. It is essential to take the social circumstances and the issues faced by the patients into consideration before starting treatment of the individual (Tröhler, 2015). It is to be taken into account that since a major population of the patients under the treatment of MedGlobal can be categorised as refugees. Hence, the psychological state may be responsible for the medical conditions of the patient. 

5.0 Role of practicum experience in developing professional skills

Several elements of development as a public health professional have been witnessed such as team building, communication, networking, as well as the development of certain professional competencies in this field (Burr, 2018). I have focused on developing my communication skills with regards to communicating with the patients as well as my colleagues. Furthermore, developing my team building skills, along with the lessons that I have learnt while working with the patients at MedGlobal have aided in the development and improvement in the scope for my career as a public health professional. 

6.0 Leadership qualities and their applications in the public health career

The leadership qualities, which I had developed through leading a team, trained healthcare professionals from diverse backgrounds have aided in my growth and practicum experience. The abilities for problem solving and adaptability, attributes to the leadership skills required for a public health professional (Burr, 2018). Since, MedGlobal works in collaboration with several organisations, namely WHO and more, leadership plays a crucial role in the execution of tasks. In addition to that, it may be stated that I have developed skills with respect to leadership in order to deal with matters related to ‘population health’ identified by most healthcare delivery organisations. In order to integrate and effectively change and teaching competency to volunteers, the development of leadership skills has been found to be vital in this regards. 

7.0 Personal mission, core values, vision, and their role in making ethical decisions for the public health career

The personal mission that I follow is to help individuals in need, along with self-development. The focus on developing one’s skills in the matters of professional competency as well as skills such as problem-solving, decision-making along with leadership skills are considered in this regards (Tröhler, 2015). Furthermore, providing an effective response to the emergency medical situation is one of the elements of my personal mission. Additionally, the core values, which I personally follow, can be listed as collaboration, integrity, along with social justice and equity. 

My vision involves my personal development through progressing with regards to social reforms. I see myself helping the individuals in need of medical treatment, through the implementation of effective leadership and communication skills. My personal vision statement characterises how I would like to focus and develop my professional career. Hence, it may be stated that developing and improving my professional competency can be cited as the core principle for applying the learnings to my career as a public health professional.

8.0 Conclusion

This study focuses on the significance and the development of certain skills of a public health professional. It also illustrates how it may aid the development of the potential career of the individual. Furthermore, learnings from social and medical theories and their applicability in the field have been discussed as well.


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