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There are many films, which play a great role in the development of the mental state of a person. For better understanding, it is important to take reference of the movie Get Out. It is a film that has showed that a black person went to meet the parents of his beloved and finds some abnormal things happening in the house. Though the reviews state that the movie belongs to horror genre, it is evident that there was some racial discrimination too. In the following segment, these are going to be analysed as well.


There are many scenes where it is seen that in the house of the parents of the girl, some black people are kept as servants. It is an amazing thing that the people who were serving them are all black in ethnicity and it is the most disheartening thing for those people who are trying to normalise racism. There are many other events too where it is seen that the black people are shown as the victims and the main antagonists. People are reported missing and all of them are black. There are many places in the European and American continent where it is seen that the people who are black facing issues due to discriminating attitude. This movie reflects that the notion of thinking has not been changed and it is a disgrace to those self-proclaimed civilised society. From the given details, it is evident that in the current context the possibility of having a change is still evident (Du Bois, 2017). 


In the upcoming years, there might be some consequences, which might bring disgrace to the reputation of the humane nature of the so-called civilised race. The movie spread racism and cultural biasness, which is unacceptable in today’s world. In the end, it can be concluded that the movie can convey a pessimistic attitude for the ‘blacks’ to the hearts of the ‘white’ people.

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