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Question: You have been contracted by DR Alarms to discuss and propose security policies to protect their data and resources in view of their existing risk assessment.

Write a proposal for DR alarms

Answer: DR Alarms

The DR alarms is the small business firm localized in Central west of NSW and it has been facing lot of security threats and risks. The management has decided to deploy the security policies in order to enhance the security level of the DR alarms. There are many reasons to implement the security policies to the DR alarms due to the issues faced. The issues faced such as loss of sensitive data, virus attacks, inaccessible services and infrastructure issues. The reasons for occurrence of those issues in the DR alarms have been listed below as follows:

• Storage issues evolve due to filling up of disks and it occurs mainly due to space occupied by the unused accounts. The administrator does not take care of those storage management activities in proper way and it makes the users to restrict to access some of the web services in uninterrupted manner.
• The DR alarms do not have the firewall or any other security software's to defend against the intruders. The servers, PC and so on were not protected with any security software and it leads the way for several hackers to make the attack on servers.
• The DR alarm does not follow the procedures to properly carry out the backup and discovery processes. It leads to complete loss of essential data and causes several reputation and financial loss.
• The data usage restrictions will not be provided to the users and it lies as major reason for getting faster internet services and occurrence of security threats and risks.
• The strange code packages were downloaded by the system administrator which results in serious concerns to the OS and servers.
• The employees of DR alarm reserve their data mostly in the desktop location and those data does not undergo any backup process. It significantly causes loss of data and thus it lies as major reason for the loss of sensitive data.
• The users also have the account on the employee computers and common or weak passwords were used by them. Thus it is easily hacked by the intruders in faster manner. It means the company does not follow hard and fast rules for the passwords.
• The company does not spend money on upgrading of the PC in effective way. It has been the major drawback for the existence of security threats and viruses.
• The information assets exist in the DR alarms will be subjected to the security threats. The confidentiality, integrity and availability of the data get affected due to security threats and issues.
Thus it is essential to concentrate on development of some security plan to ensure the data confidentiality and integrity. The adoption of security policy can make the data to be accessed only by the legal personnel. The datacentre facing lot of issues due to weak security measures. The concentration of the security methods can make the data to be placed in high level of security.

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