Evaluate Adept Owl present and future information technology capability to satisfy document design and production needs.

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Question - Evaluate Adept Owl's present and future information technology capability to satisfy document design and production needs.

With respect to human resource capability, where are the skills gaps that exist currently within the administration team?

How could the skills gaps be closed in keeping with organisational practices?

What future IT capability needs (both physical and human) could the organization have with respect to document design and production within the next 2-5 years? Identify at least one source of external advice or information you have used to help you make this evaluation.

What changes might be required to the Adept Owl style guide and procedures to take account of anticipated technological changes?

Answer - The company aims at providing high-quality service to the customers associated with it. The company also aims to develop its reputation within five years. Its technology to maintain customer information is good (Zengwa & Choga, 2016). The company engages with the customer and receives feedback through social media. The technology the company uses is insufficient to satisfy the organizational requirement. The training is given to staff to develop an idea to produce the standard document. The company sends a letter to the customer. It is done through docs and scratches that consume more resources.

The organization uses Excel and Word to frame and preserve the document. From the given data, it is found that only team leaders are capable of using the word and excel properly. The rest of the workers have partial knowledge of using technology (Ferrari, Spagnolo & Gnesi, 2017). The present condition of the company's capability to produce and design documents is not enough. The staff requires proper and continuous training to develop the technological capability of the company. A standard procedure is required to develop. It takes less time to produce letters to the various customers within five minutes.

From the collected data, it is noted that the team leaders are fully capable of using the technological advantage. The workers are not capable of exploiting the technological advantage completely(Naimer, Brown & Mishori, 2017). The human resource capability of the company needs to develop by proper training. The workers need to learn the advance excel, docs and mail merge. In creating templates, there are more untrained and partially trained workers who require having the necessary training to deal with this problem. In using the word and excel, the capability of workers is found to be lacking. Only a few workers are capable of using formulae in excel.

The skill gaps will be closed by giving appropriate training to the workers keeping in mind the expense of the training. The training may cause reduced production. The company needs to focus on both sides on the training and production (Van Deursen, & van Dijk, 2015). The worker's excellent output will be received by the company only when the workers are given training to the staff.

The Company needs to develop personalized and customized software that will help staff to use it easily instead of the word and excel that are comprehensive software. Training to the staff is to be given to enhance their IT capability to develop their skill to use the technology to satisfy the organizational requirement (Christianson, 2017). Use of personalized and customized software is an external advisor to the organization. Using mail merge and mass mail-out system will be archaic after few years. The company needs to develop a better technological system to deal with the current scenario.

The organization's workers are suspecting that the technologies used by the company will be insufficient for the organizational requirement in future. The organization is using social media platforms, generalized software (Porambage et al., 2016). This software is insufficient for organization requirement in producing standard documents that will be safe. Social media platform lacks privacy. The company needs to develop creative media to cope with the challenges of a product's marketing. The company needs to buy or produce better software to cope with marketing challenges.

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