Develop a short procedure for either (a) a mass letter mail-out or (b) the creation of an expense report.

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Question - Develop a short procedure for either (a) a mass letter mail-out or (b) the creation of an expense report. Ensure your procedures: follow general style requirements of the Adept Owl style guide; include at least two references to the style guide or procedures, for example, storage or use of fonts or headings.

Answer -

 Mass letter mail out is crucial for an organization in the context of the design and development of the business documents. Before start the process of mass letter mail-out, this is required to open the Microsoft word application. After opening the MS Word, this is required to go to the "main menu" of the application. After that, mailings are to be clicked, and the option of mail merge is to be selected. Mail out process will be conducted based on the contact list present in MS Excel file. The heard of the letters are to be set, concerning several aspects.

At first, on the first page, the full logo of the company Adept Owl is to be set. The logo will be placed on the leftmost corner of the page header. Then, the date is to be written in the letters. After that, the details of the organization and the full address will be entered in the document, maintain the style of left justified.

The entire settings regarding fonts, numbers, and tables and language are done. The Heading 1will be in Times New Roman, 18 pt, automatic and title case. The Heading two will be 16pt, other properties will be just the same as the heading 1. The line spacing for paragraph will be single line spacing, 14 pt, not bold, underlined.

The comma will be used in the numerical values, for every three digits.

The correct, easy to use and concise language will be used throughout the document. The acronyms will be used; however, they will be described at first.

The documents should ensure the privacy and confidentiality so that no privacy-related compliance could occur.

The process should be done fast, s that average timing for each mail out doe does not exceed the time limit of 30 minutes.

The documents will be revised so that the data entry error must not cross a limit of 3% as per the general style requirement.

Only the MS office will be used as per the technology requirements of the organization Adept Owl.

The process is such designed that this will be performed within the estimated time limit of 30 minutes without wasting the resources of the company. Hence, the average cost for each mail-out will maintain the limit of $100.

Not more than $50 will be expended for labor cost for the edited text of per page.

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