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Question - As a new member of the team you will need to identify organisational requirements. Referring to the Adept Owl scenario, the Adept Owl style guide and procedures, identify: one requirement for information entry and two requirements for file naming and storage.

Answer - The Adept Owl Company needs to maintain storage of documents and data of the consumers as well as the employee of the organization. The company needs to make a standard document regarding customer involvement with the company to recognize and send promotional ads to the customer.

The documents related to consumers and planning of the company requires to arrange correctly by giving each file a name to identify when there is a requirement of the same file. The letters written to customer needs to be named and arranged properly. The software that stores company's data is not sufficient to control the data of the whole company. The alphabetical arrangement of the file will help in accessing the files when there is a requirement. The standard and quality documents identify the range of productivity and customer focus.

There is a requirement to improve the quality of documents produced for proper readability for internal and external customers. It will help in promoting consistency in the document's design. It will test the loyalty of the customer and preserve the record of the loyal customer. The good quality document will help in the evaluation of the organizational performance. The reliable and standard document will show customer focus, employee development, productivity, sustainability, compliance and expense.

The Company needs to develop a people-focused strategy by giving training to staff on making standard documents. It will help staff to make documents as per the set standard. The documents production require following the sustainable goal of the organization. It also needs to follow the ethical value of the organization in developing standard documents. By giving the training to produce a standard document, the company will help in the sustainable production of the standard document. The company uses document production with the help of technology and avoids paper. It also does not copy from the other work.

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