Managing the issues and conflict builds and retain the best performer who maintains the companys policy.

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Question: Discuss HR policies and company-wide thinking

Solution: HR policies and company-wide thinking

Japanese culture and dedication offers a kind of improvement which helps to offer a great variety of performance appraisal. The Japanese multinationals firms focus on the improvement of the employees and thereby think to manage the employee's at large scale. The high degree of employee's satisfaction and returning employee's loyalty helps to improve the employee performance and enhances the company's wide discretionary thinking (Nankervis et al., 2019). Japanese company focuses on the cultural behavior, leading by example, hiring for attitude, removing disrupter and recognizing and rewarding. The human resource management focuses on the formulation of culture of behavior. The multinational company formulates policy and procedures to shape the very disciplines of the employees. It is known that life is much more enjoyable when the employees follow the acceptable behavior.

Illustrative leadership
In HRM policy, it is expected to have leaders who are led by example and the employees could hardly resist following him in the various situation. The multinational company follows the HRM policy is where the exemplary leaders are placed and asked them to follow company's culture.

Hire for attitude and screen for skill
Nestle is found to have hired for attitude and skill. The companies like Microsoft, Apple, LTI and Coca-Cola and IBM followed the policy of retaining the employees who follow policy and leave the employees who does go with the company's policy (Saeed et al., 2019).
Human resource management has played significant role in achieving the multinational free thinking. The incorporation of policies and procedures that focuses on the local needs gave the company an opportunity improve the wide thinking capability along with the opportunity to expand and explore the market condition in a more effective way. The company could manage to expand its area of operation if it could manage to expand its operation continuously and regularly. The management of cultural understanding and individual need while operating at the global scale can largely support the organization in massive way. The good and HRM Policy allows the organization to operate at global scale. The multinational companies need to strike a balance in liberty and efficiency while framing the policy and procedures within the organization. The organization will get better opportunity. The opportunity to employees to present their views regarding the company's operation and culture helps to widen the thought of the company and will help to asset greater control over organization. The wide thinking of an organization can be achieved through the liberal attitude along with the focus on the efficient management can prove effective within the context of an organization. The Japanese multinationals operating globally offered great freedom within their HRM Policy and procedures allowing employees to offer advice and suggestion on the company operation. The employee can offer valuable suggestion and thereby turn to be more committed and loyal within the organization.

It can be said that the multinational companies such as Japanese's manufacturing's companies, UK prominent companies and the US who managed their operation across borders followed the global human resource management in order to stay competitive in the highly competitive business scenario. Managing the people across border is a challenge to the organization. Global HRM policy helps the organization to manage the business regionally managing the issues and conflict builds and retain the best performer who maintains the company's policy.

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