Discuss the issues surrounding the introduction and management of emerging technologies.

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Question 1 - Discuss the issues surrounding the introduction and management of emerging technologies. Consider the following in formulating your answer: the characteristics of the technology; the adopters and the organisation, and the technology assessment process.

Answer - Emerging technologies

Emerging technologies helps the organization in building autonomous products. It integrates various services or hardware i.e. multidisciplinary services are developed and made available to consumers. This involves the use of technology, logistics, biotechnology cognitive science, i.e. human ability and IOT internet of things.

Advantages of Emerging technologies

i. Enhanced technology

ii. Instant delivery

iii. Business Analytics

iv. Prediction and modelling

v. Efficient Supply chain

Disadvantages of emerging technologies

i. Lack of skills

ii. More potential required

iii. Cost to incur

iv. Building complex products may fail to prove some time in real-time

Data analytics and virtual reality environment along with agile based development model enhanced the productivity of organizations. The strength of the organization increases with emerging technologies and level of expertise improved by day to day hence stability in today competition or among competitors. Machine learning and robotics provide a new way in which healthcare system changes one example of AI emerging tech. Is the wheeled autonomous robot provided by Canadian government to their healthcare's.

Question 2 - Draw a basic matrix (table) to demonstrate a SWOT analysis combined with Porters Competitive Force Model and Ansoff's Analysis. Number each cell in your matrix and briefly indicate what each cell of the matrix would contain.

Answer - SWOT Analysis

Swot analysis is used to predict the strength, weakness along with opportunities and strength of the organization. They will improve the organization planning and business competitions. Below are some factors considered in the SWOT ANALYSIS.

Strength - represents the things that the company performs well or the skill the company have. This also includes the qualities which separates company from other competitors.

Weaknesses - Represents the things which the company have no ability to carry out.

Opportunities - Development of unreserved market for specific services or products.

Threats - Emerging competitors and broader organizational change.

Porter Competitive force model

Bargaining power of suppliers

Bargaining power of Buyers

Threats related to new entrants

Threats of subsequent products

Rivalry among existing competitors

Ansoffmatrix attributes

Market penetration

Product development

Market development


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