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A Problem of Action Research Project

The problem related to an action research project in an organization is the issue of being part of an organization as a manager and the continuing the temporary role of the researcher at the same time. The dual role could create conflict and ambiguity in the role if the manager-researcher combines the role of action-research with the regular roles of the organization.

The manager-researcher will be motivated to take benefit of the opportunities so that the action research projects could contribute to the personal and organizational learning as well as contribute to the knowledge. The significance of motivation of manager-researcher for organization is that motivation could be utilized for implementation of organizational change specifically in complicated social circumstances.

The knowledge, organizational role, and capability of the manager-researcher play a significant role to control the politics of the organization by implementing a political method of framing and choosing their action research project. By solving the issue, the action research project could make the contribution to the training methods of the employees in the organization (Cooper & Bedford, 2017). The involvement of the manager- researcher could help in inter-level ways to engage the customers, teams, the inter-departmental group and the organization in the procedures of learning and organizational change.



The two ethical issues related to the problem are controlling the organizational politics and managing the research ethics. The manager-researcher could address the issue of organizational politics by controlling the dynamics of politics, which includes balancing between the official justification of the organization and its demands in the project with the personal justification of strategic management for the project (Freeman, 2014). The manager-researcher could address the issue of research ethics by avoiding the unethical behavior during the action research project, and follow the consent rules of the research. 


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