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Integrity, modesty and the self-reliance are considered some of the important virtues which are emanated from Christianity and so there are certain upheld individual works. The nation with citizens are in debt with not only Americans working on the embracing of virtues like the dedication or the perseverance but also the thriving of the capitalist democracy. The people work on focusing over the different benefits which are to focus on profit and the outcomes. The discussion is on the American perspectives that helps in value of working to acquire the wealth. There are working ethics that includes the forms and the evidences about the hard workers. The radicalism and the self-entitlement is taken over with focusing on how one can work over the advancements in the liberal mind set which is influenced by the “me” generation.

Compare American societies & Canadian societies

The American values are seen to be under individualism where the beliefs that are each person is unique with the basic unit of nature and focuses on the individual initiatives. The stress needs are for independence with premium on the individual expressions and value privacy. The Canadians are found to be polite with the peace-loving people on the planet. The society focus to have certain individual traits and the quirks which are for determining how the society and the people are generally deemed to be equal (Harrison, 2018). The hierarchy is not very evidence but there are certain equal rights and opportunities regardless of the gender, age, race and the beliefs.

There are other equality standards where the open society helps in treating the people equally and then handling it through little hierarchy which is defined through the informal and the directness in relations that are set with the others. In context to the Canadian standards, there are Canadians who are working on dressing and handling the language system. The focus is on the firm name basis which is the norm with seniors who are addressed for focusing on how much one is familiar to the other. The efficiency and the effectiveness by Americans helps in contributing to the end results with the critical standards and important forms. The basis of the factors are related to focus on the end results and handling the disruption to relations with normalized patterns. The relationship is important to work on improving human relationship where Americans focus on improving the standards of the ways of thinking that tend to constrain the individualism spirit as well. Americans work on gaining the identity through the achievements and the behavioral setup. There are network of relationship which helps in working over the business transactions that helps in working over the subtler outlook. USA needs to handle the subcultures with co-exist formats and how the generations are able to relocate the country with Americans focusing on the immigrant groups. The effect has been changing with the diversity tolerance, and how USA is able to tolerate the different kinds of subcultures (Nevitte, 2017).

The materialism and the progress with changes are for the belief that includes that in American society the changes are in self and country. The optimism is considered important with valuing the scientific approaches which are considered to be a major factor in change. In Canada, there are value orders and the preserving of the personal spacing. They are mainly for working with personalized privacy standards that are set for focusing on not only the disruptive behaviors like cutting in line but also handling the decorum which is considered to be a part of order and respect for the people space.

The work and leisure are important with stronger work ethics and the work is on the basis of recognition, power and the leisure which is considered a reward for the work. In Canada, the punctuality is considered to be highly valued which is a sign of respect. The expectations are set with focusing on the deadlines that needs to be taken seriously with honoring the commitments with indication of integrity (Lipset, 2018). For Americans, there are business relationships which is found to be completely separating from the personalized relationship. It is mainly because of the relation and the business transactions that are found to be dissolving depending upon the forming formats. The commitments are based on the American culture with courtesy focusing on the people’s action and situation. This helps in seeking over the loss of face and other extraordinary efforts to preserve the faces which are not necessary.

Action & Achievement oriented factors in Americans are focusing on how the things are done with major priority on planning and then defining the goals. The tendency is to work with the brief and the business-like standards. The practical approach is for measuring the results and then focus on functioning and pragmatism. In Canada, there are respect traits to manifest through the politeness, punctuality and the tolerance. Here, the standards are set to handle the harassment to talk about the looks and the beliefs of the person. The communication is mainly indirect to the efforts with polite and diplomatic standards. Hence, it is important to focus on the verbal forms with clear and direct speak up. The American advertisements are mainly to promote the product and then focus on creating the fantasy that is for handling the needs for a satisfaction of a product. There are differences and the standards set where Americans focus on the problem-solving thinking and behavior from the trading standards. The cultures have been able to ingrain the sense of physical spacing with focusing on how the people can interact and work over the different traditions that have a major implication in business (Theron et al., 2015).

With the different systems of laws, there are primary cultural values which are considered important based on the ethical behaviors in different culture. The cultural conflicts need to be handled with highlighting the illegal campaigning contributions with bribery that includes the selling of the defective goods. The instances are related to work on the organizational misconduct where there are problems that are entailing the ethical standards for a particular transaction in business. For Americans, there are different cultural basis that is set to deal with the problems and define about values and different patterns of thinking, feeling and acting in an identifiable manner. The view is about defining the problems with thinking and feeling in an identified group. The ethical conflicts are related to focusing on list of rules with citing prohibitions that are allowed with practicing about the gifts where the influence is on the decision maker judgement. The continuum of the ethical standards is set with the range from the simple and the innocuous practices. American right to choose is the foundation for the competitive markets which is important for organizing the economy. The standards are set to match with the greater degree of economy. The laws also help in enabling and working on the heads-up transactions where the property or the time is exchanged and is considered to be legal as well.


The American and the Canadian societies are focusing on the interpersonal relations with individuals and the groups. In USA, there are rights of individuals which are safeguarded and then there is a uniqueness to focus on diversity value. The standards are also set with lower costs and the higher quality with high profit proposals. They are considered to work with orientation that leads Americans to perceive the polluters to work with old artifacts. The understanding is about the business dealings and the changes in prosperity.

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